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Faculty Advising Handbook

Table of Contents
I. The Scope of Academic Advisement
  A. Philosophy
  B. Characteristics of Advising
  C. Quality of Advising
  D. Personal Characteristics of the Faculty Advisor
  E. Responsibilities of the Advisor
  F. Admissions Procedures
  G. Advising Process
  H. Legal Considerations
II. Assessment and Placement
  A. Assessment
    All Students
    Transfer students
  B. Placement
  C. Developmental Courses
III. Advising Procedures
  A. Strategies for Faculty Advising
Do's of Advising
Don'ts of Advising
  B. Determining Appropriate Course Load
  C. Changing Majors
  D. Developing an Education Plan
  E. Advising for Registration
  F. Advising for Distance Learning Classes
IV. Procedures for Handling Problems
  A. Adding Courses
  B. Withdrawal
    From Academic Courses
    From Developmental Courses
  C. Reinstatement
  D. Grades of "I" (Incomplete) & "R" (Retake)
  E. Repeating a Course
  F. Six Course Drop Policy
V. Resources for Special Needs
  A. Counseling and Advising Office
  B. Testing Center
  C. Tutoring and Learning Labs
  D. Special Services Office
  E. Career Planning and Placement Office
  F. Veterans' Services Office
  G. Financial Aid Office
  H. Registrar's Office
  I. Honors Program
  J. E.S.O.L.
  K. Freshman Seminar
  L. Learning Communities
  M. Dual Credit
  N. Rapid Track
  O. Virtual College of Texas
  P. Distance Learning
  Q. Telephone Directory
VI. Appendices


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