Local Chapter Membership

Membership in TACHE Del Mar is open to any College employee, student, and community member in any of these categories:

$10-Copper (for students only)
$100 or more-Platinum

The annual fee covers the academic year September 1 to August 31. Chapter dues of any amount ultimately benefit TACHE's Student Scholarship Fund. Its current members warmly invite you to consider joining. If you like to help our Del Mar students, you'll like being a part or our family.

For more information on TACHE Del Mar:

Rosa Linda Reynoso
Staff Writer/Editor
Office: 361-698-1247

Membership Form

Online Form

State Membership

Membership in the TACHE state organization is open to any employee of a public or private higher education institution or agency in Texas. The membership fee is $30.

For more information, visit www.tache.org

We'd be happy to count you as one of our members.


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