A Mentoring Program for Del Mar College African-American Students

Become a mentor...

A mentor provides personal and academic assistance to aid in the retention of minority students.

As a mentor, you must be willing to...

  • attend the opening program and group activities
  • invest a moderate amount of time with an African-American student and/or any interested student on a regular basis
  • attend semesterly Mentor Informational Sessions (Fall, Spring)
  • provide written evaluative information to the Mentor Program
  • assist in the development of skills necessary for minority students to succeed in college
  • Monitor academic performance of assigned students
  • Evaluate and document experiences of assigned students
  • Assist assigned students in developing realistic career/academic goals and expectations
  • Provide leadership to enhance minority student's and integration into the campus environment
  • Ensure that assigned students are informed of the college's support services designed to enhance retention
  • Perform other duties as required

The role of the Peer Mentor is very important to The Village at Del Mar College. The Peer Mentor should invest a given amount of quality time with the mentee on a regular basis - thus, creating trust and bonding between the peer mentor and the mentee.

Responsibilities of the Peer Mentor:

  • To acquaint minority students with campus life from a student perspective.
  • To provide resource information.
  • To share coping skills with new students.
  • To assist in scheduling appointments for tutorial support in various subject areas.
  • To familiarize new students with campus extracurricular activities.

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