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Test Format and Study Guides

[Revised: July 18, 2017]


Study Guide for Test 1

Study Guide for Test 2

Study Guide for Test 3

Study Guide for Test 4


Test Format

Four tests consist 50 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each for a total of a possible 100 points on each test.

A study guide is provided to assist the student in preparing for the four tests.  The short answer questions are drawn directly from the study guides. Please note, however, that in order to successfully answer all the test questions, students should be very familiar with both the reading material in the Henslin Text as well as the material provided in the lecture notes.   Pay close attention to the underlined material in the notes.

Questions drawn from text book material are marked in red.   Questions marked in blue refer to the data projects.  All other questions come from the notes.

The tests must be taken on Scantrons (Form No. 882.E).  Students will bring their own Scantron forms and No. 2 Pencils.

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