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"The old saying, 'He who teaches learns the most,' is certainly true of SI. As an SI Leader, I now have a better understanding of the course material, and getting to watch the students absorb the material is very rewarding. Plus, teaching looks great on the resume!"
Catherine Green, SI Leader

"My experience with the SI program has been very positive. I am fortunate to have an outstanding SI Leader, and feel that this is an outstanding program. I feel a lot better knowing that my students have an additional opportunity to seek help. I also believe the program will become more successful as more and more students realize that attending these sessions really make a difference."
Larry Kalich, Mathematics

"SI is challenging, rewarding, even thrilling. The challenge is mastering the material; the reward is seeing struggling students succeed; the thrill is witnessing the ah-ha moments when the new concepts gel into comprehension."
Bibi Dalrymple, SI Leader