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SI Leader Qualifications/Job Description

SI Leader Qualifications

To be eligible to serve as an SI Leader, students MUST:

  • Have and maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Have completed one of the targeted courses with a final grade of an A (or B, with Instructor's recommendation.)
  • Be able to attend all lectures of the class for which he/she is doing SI (you must plan your own schedule around this.)
  • Complete an application, which includes obtaining a recommendation from at least one faculty member.

Good SI Leader candidates will:

  • Be model students who understand the importance and application of effective study skills and strategies.
  • Be knowledgeable in course content of one or more of the targeted courses.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Be able to flexibly work 12-15 hours per week, according to student needs and availability.
  • Possess good organizational and time management skills.

SI Leader Job Description

Attend SI Leader Training.
New SI Leaders are required to attend a paid two-day training prior to the start of each semester. Returning SI Leaders will attend the second day of training.

Attend Scheduled SI Leader Meetings.
SI Leaders meet throughout the semester with the Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction and with other SI Leaders for additional training.

Attend All Class Sessions.
SI Leaders are expected to regularly attend the class, take notes, do homework assignments, and otherwise act as a student of the class (Lab attendance is NOT required of SI Leaders). Regular attendance by SI Leaders not only helps the Leaders reinforce their own understanding of the material, but when SI Leaders regularly attend class, students are more likely to attend SI sessions.

Conduct Sessions.
The SI sessions are offered starting the first or second week of each term. SI sessions are generally scheduled a minimum of three times each week. Sessions are usually 50-minutes in length.

Support Faculty.
SI Leaders maintain a working relationship with the Instructor through regular meetings/collaboration to increase student success.

Integrate Content and Learning Skills.
The SI sessions should integrate a review of course content with appropriate collaborative learning strategies (integrate “what-to-learn” with “how-to-learn.”)

Collect Data for Program Evaluation.
SI Leaders are responsible for maintaining complete and accurate data on student attendance in SI sessions.

Complete and Submit all Paperwork on Time.
SI Leaders are responsible for submitting attendance sheets, lesson plans, and completing time time entry in a timely manner.

SI Leader Application
After completing the application, print and bring it to the office of Ron Huskin, Faculty Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction, Heritage Hall, Rm. 207. (361) 698-2138