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SeaCity CrossFit - Tim Hamilton - Owner

Tim Hamilton received his personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise in 2001, and has also been certified as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer by CrossFit, Inc. Hamilton is a dedicated trainer and coach and is committed to helping people perform better, be they a teacher, office worker, mailman, hairdresser or an elite level athlete. He has a wide range of training experience and has been training clients at various locations the past nine years while also working fulltime for a fitness products dealer. That all changed this summer, however, when Hamilton decided he’d rather work for himself instead of an employer and began making plans to open his own private fitness studio.

After deciding on a location for his studio, and meeting with a potential lender, Hamilton contacted the Del Mar College Small Business Development Center in August 2010 for help structuring a business plan and loan proposal. SBDC business advisor Michael North assisted him in preparing a detailed business plan with cash flow projections and financial statements. After the business plan and financials were completed, Hamilton approached ACCION Texas-Louisiana for a loan and was approved. According to Hamilton, “Michael North and the staff at SBDC were instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground. I had no idea how much detailed information went into a business plan, and had I not had some guidance, it would have taken me far longer to gather the information and put together a viable plan. Mike did a great job of getting me focused on the task, and he was very prompt, efficient, and thorough. The professional assistance provided to me was absolutely vital towards securing the necessary financing for my business. I am very grateful for Mike’s professionalism, and eagerness to assist me with what could have been a bewildering and frustrating process! I admit that when I first approached the SBDC, I was not expecting to be met with this kind of high level of professionalism and quality service. It’s very refreshing to work with someone who genuinely cares about the outcome, and works hard for the client. I’m happy to say that things are now going well, and I’m looking forward to a lot of growth and prosperity!”

Hamilton’s goal of establishing a quality, professional fitness studio in Corpus Christi became a reality on October 6, 2010, when he officially opened the doors to SeaCity CrossFit, Corpus Christi’s newest CrossFit affiliate. SeaCity Cross- Fit is located behind Classic Printing in Plaza Business Park at 4639 Corona Drive, Suite 76. From CrossFit classes for all skill levels to elite level private training, Hamilton provides a comprehensive, productive and results oriented experience that facilitates positive lifestyle changes in his clients. For more information or to sign up for a class, call Tim Hamilton at (361) 737-9473 or visit

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