Nancy Cavitt & Catherine Hobbs - Curves For Women

Nancy Cavitt taught economics at Calallen High School for 17 years before deciding she needed to do something else. She started consulting for Mary Kay Cosmetics and arranged to do some facials at Curves in Kingsville. She found out from the owner that he planned to open a Curves in Calallen, and made it known she'd be interested in part-time work. The owner called a few weeks later, hired her, and by the time of the grand opening September 15, 2002, Nancy Cavitt was the new manager at Curves in Calallen.

Thanks to Nancy, Curves in Calallen experienced phenomenal growth. After a few months, Nancy's "economic" background, and a new found entrepreneurial spirit, motivated her to consider buying her own Curves franchise. She talked to her good friend, Cathy Hobbs, and in March 2003 they acquired rights to open a Curves franchise in Mission, Texas.

They had six months to come up with the remainder of the franchise fee, and they needed a loan. Somewhat harried, and intimidated by the prospects of asking a bank for a loan, Nancy and Cathy contacted the Small Business Development Center in April 2003, for help in preparing a business plan and loan proposal. SBDC business advisor Michael North assisted them over the next two months in preparing a business plan, cash flow projections, personal financial statements and loan proposal.

After the plan and financials were complete, Nancy and Cathy approached First National Bank for a conventional loan and were approved. According to Nancy, "The plan enabled us to go to the banks with a professional, detailed proposal. We were incredibly prepared to discuss the financial aspects of our plans. The business plan provided a tool that instilled in us a confidence that we would not have had. We knew Curves would be successful. However, the point of requesting the financing was very intimidating. Mike took the numbers and created the financial documents. At that time he coached us on the information, coached us on potential questions we might receive from a loan officer and then encouraged us to take the big step to actually go to the financial institutions and get the financing. There is no way we would have had the knowledge or the quality of presentation for the banks without the assistance of our SBDC counselor, Mike North."

Nancy and Cathy's Curves is located at 2420 East Griffin Parkway, Mission, Texas. Grand opening is set for October 6, 2003, and the facility will create six new jobs.

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