Del Mar College Nurse Education Program
Fact Sheet, February 2012

Del Mar College currently has 361 students enrolled in the Nurse Education Program with another 1,717 taking prerequisite courses in preparation for joining the program. Del Mar College Nursing has a long and illustrious history with more than 65 years educating Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and 45 years educating Registered Nurses (RNs).

While many entry level RN programs at other colleges and universities are four-year programs, Del Mar students complete the rigorous nursing curriculum in just four semesters.

Nurse Education is one of the few Del Mar programs that have entrance requirements in addition to high school or GED completion. Due to the popularity of the program, and the rigor required to be successful, applicants must exhibit the top entry level of assessment in Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary/General Knowledge, Math, and Anatomy/Physiology as well as complete prerequisite and co-requisite courses in pharmacology, medical terminology and several sciences, including two recently completed anatomy and physiology courses.

1. What is the current status of Del Mar College’s Nurse Education Program?

  • Currently, the Del Mar College Nurse Education Program maintains accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. The program holds a Conditional Approval Status from the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON).

2. What does “Conditional Approval Status” mean?.

  • The Board of Nursing benchmark for approval is an 80% pass rate for graduates who take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) licensure examination for the first time.
  • 78.52% of DMC’s 2011 graduates passed the licensure exam on their first attempt (117 of 149 graduates).
  • Conditional approval means the program needs to meet the one condition of increasing the licensure exam pass rate to 80% or better for graduates taking the exam for the first time.

3. How did the Nurse Education program reach this point?

  • DMC has maintained full approval from the Board of Nursing for decades.
  • In 2007, the pass rate was 86.13% (118 of 137).
  • In 2007, the program increased enrollment.
  • In 2008, the program lost 6 full-time faculty to retirements it has not yet been able to fully replace.
  • In 2008, the pass rate slipped to 83.5% (172 of 206).
  • In 2009, the pass rate was 77.2% (149 of 193).
  • In 2010, the pass rate was 79.56% (144 of 181).
  • In 2011, the pass rate was 78.52% (117 of 149).

4. What has DMC done to rectify the situation?

  • Strengthened admission and readmission criteria and aligned criteria to predict student success on licensure exams
  • Implemented the SATIN project (Statewide At-Risk Tracking and Intervention for Student Nurses)
  • Integrated a curriculum support program to better predict student success
  • Instituted progressive testing with standardized exams and other forms of assessment to determine licensure exam readiness
  • Intensified the “New Student Orientation Boot Camp”
  • Participated in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board NIGP TAMU-CC Best Practices for Preparing Nurse Educators activities
  • Increased availability of computer labs and faculty-guided skills labs using high-fidelity simulators
  • Collaborated with the Student Success Center, Counseling, Peer Tutoring and the Retention Alert Program on student retention

5. If I’m currently in the nursing program, will I be able to complete my degree plan?

  • Yes, students currently in good standing in the program will be able to continue their studies and should plan to graduate on their current timeline.

6. If I am on track to graduate in spring or fall 2012, will this affect my licensure opportunity?

  • No, you will be considered to have graduated from a nationally accredited and state approved program.

7. If I planned to enter the Registered Nurse Education track in the summer or fall semesters of 2012, can I still do that?

  • Not at the current time. Until the DMC RN graduates pass rate on the NCLEX-RN test reaches 80% or better, the College will not admit new RN students.

8. What options are open to me in the next semesters?

  • Consider applying for the Licensed Vocational Nurse track. The program continues to accept students into the Vocational Nursing track. Through the programs multiple entry and exit point options, students can begin the LVN track and continue to complete RN track. Nursing advisors are available to assist you with more information.
  • Or consider one of Del Mar College’s other health sciences with similar employment and salary opportunities.

Certificate Programs
Pharmacy Technician
Coding Specialist
Surgical Technology Tech-Prep
Dental Assisting

Associate in Applied Science Programs
Medical Laboratory Technology
Health Information Technology
Occupational Therapy Assistant Tech-Prep
Pharmacy Technician
Physical Therapist Assistant Tech-Prep
Surgical Technology Tech-Prep
Dental Assisting
Dental Hygiene
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nuclear Medicine Technology Tech-Prep
Radiologic Technology Tech-Prep

9. Why should I apply for a DMC nursing program?

  • Del Mar College has a long history of producing qualified Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses who graduate with very attractive employment opportunities.
  • Recent graduates with their RN licensures report entry-level salaries starting in the $25 - $30 per hour range in hospitals and clinical settings in the Coastal Bend.

9. Is DMC hiring additional nursing faculty?

  • The College is constantly seeking qualified faculty for the Nurse Education and other health science programs. However, so are most other colleges, universities, hospitals and health clinics in the state.
  • To qualify for a full- or part-time nursing teaching position at DMC, you need a Masters degree in Nursing and three years of current clinical nursing experience. To access the College’s online Human Resources pages, go to

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