Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Normally, how many students are accepted to the program?
A: Generally 60-65 applicants total are selected for Level I entry every fall and spring semester (which includes LVN track, RN track, and RN to BSN track applicants); approximately 10 – 20 LVN to RN (Bridge track) students are selected every Fall semester only.

Q: What is the typical schedule when accepted into the nursing program? 
A: Typically the student can plan to be engaged in course activities Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm (similar to a full-time job); some Friday’s may be required depending on course content and this varies from level to level. Students are provided a course calendar at the start of every semester.

Q:  What is the cost of attending the nursing program?
A: Tuition costs can be located in the college catalog ( . Additional expenses a student will have once accepted into the program include uniform, skills bag, textbooks, and computer resources.  As of summer 2014 students purchase all the textbooks required for use during the entire program at the start of level 1 (cost is approximately $1000.00 for the textbooks). Estimated costs of the RN nursing program. Estimated costs of the transition track program. Estimated costs of the Vocational Nurse Education program.

Q: Is there any testing required as part of admission into the nursing program?
A: Yes. Students are required to take the HESI A2 test. Information for this test can be located under the “prospective students” tab; then click the ‘admission information’ link. Select the nursing track you are planning for. A document will open which covers the HESI test in detail.

Q: I have taken courses from another college and/or university. Will these courses transfer over?
A: It is imperative that you schedule an advising appointment (361-698-2860) so that your transcripts can be reviewed. When coming to see an advisor it is helpful for you to bring a copy of all of your unofficial transcripts (if possible). Please note, you need to complete the Transfer Evaluation Request Form (TERF) if you are submitting official transcripts from other schools; turn this form into the DMC registrar. This form is located at the registrar’s office or at

Q: Do students have to go through a background check as part of admission?
A: Yes. This has recently become a requirement for ALL nursing schools.  If a student has a positive criminal background history he/she will be required to go through the Declaratory Order (DO) process. Students who know they have a positive criminal background history may start the DO process which can be located at

If you have a positive criminal background it is to your advantage to begin the DO process now as it can take four (4) months or more for the process to be completed. Students accepted for admission MUST have proof of a cleared background check by the first day of class or they will have to decline admission.

Q. Can students work while going to nursing school?
A: Yes, however the nursing program is very time-demanding, so we advise students who must work to try and work the minimum amount of hours possible.

Q: How are clinical rotations scheduled?
A: Students rotate through clinical during every level of the nursing program. Typically this is an 8- hour day in level 1 (one day a week) and a 12-hour day (one day a week) in levels 2-4. However, this is always subject to change.

Q:Are the nursing courses offered on-line?
A: At this time the nursing courses are not offered on-line.

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