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Records Management--Introduction


As regards Records Management at Del Mar College, the Del Mar College Board of Regents in compliance with the laws, rules, standards and best practices has enacted policies and procedures consistent with the Texas Local Government Records Act.

All College records, as defined in Chapter 3, section  (B3.19)  (See Del Mar College Manual of Policy and Procedures) according to these policies and The Local Government Records Act of 1989, are declared to be the property of Del Mar College. No employee has, by virtue of status or position, any personal or property right to such records, even though said employee my have developed or compiled the records. The unauthorized destruction, removal from files, or use of such records is prohibited.

Designation of the Records Management function

As of January 13, 2015, the Records Management function reports to the Executive Director of HR and Administration. The program is administered by the Records Management Office and designees from campus departments who act as departmental analysts. All employees have responsibilities for records in some manner, and are trained to carry out these responsibilities.