A8.1 Emergency/Disaster General Procedures
       A8.1.1 Provision for Safety
       A8.1.2 Requesting Emergency Services
       A8.1.3 Contacting the College Administrator
       A8.1.4 Prohibition of Discussion of Emergencies
       A8.1.5 Inaccurate or Incomplete Information
       A8.1.6 Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kits

A8.2 Responsibilities in Dealing with an Emergency or a Disaster
       A8.2.1 The President or a Designated Administrator
       A8.2.2 Evening Coordinator or Personnel in the Physical Plant
       A8.2.3 Channeling Inquiries
       A8.2.4 Physical Facilities Personnel
       A8.2.5 College Relations Personnel
       A8.2.6 College Faculty and Staff

A8.3 Medical and Related Crisis Situations on Campus
       A8.3.1 Victims of Accidents
       A8.3.2 Contacts
       A8.3.3 Transporting Victims to Physician/Hospital

A8.4 Campus Security Emergency
       A8.4.1 Call Numbers Listed Above
       A8.4.2 Call 911
       A8.4.3 Alert Appropriate College Administrators

A8.5 Fire and Explosion
       A8.5.1 Call 911
       A8.5.2 In Case of a Small Fire

A8.6 Bomb Threats
       A8.6.1 Collecting Information
       A8.6.2 Collecting Information
       A8.6.3 Notifying Authorities
       A8.6.4 Minimizing Publicity

A8.7 Hurricane Preparedness Plan
       A8.7.1 Hurricane Hazards and Preventative Measures
       A8.7.2 Responsibilities
       A8.7.3 Conditions of Readiness and Required Actions
       A8.7.4 After the Hurricane has Passed
       A8.7.5 Hurricane Supplies

A8.8 Computer Resources and Services
       A8.8.1 Information Management Committee
       A8.8.2 Procedure for Requesting Equipment or Software
       A8.8.3 Procedure for Requesting Application Programming
       A8.8.4 Personal Computer Maintenance