B7. 1 Counseling and Advising
       A7.1.1 Advisement
       A7.1.2 External Testing

B7.2 Financial Aid
       A7.2.1 Grants
       A7.2.2 Loans
       A7.2.3 Scholarships
       A7.2.4 Employment
       A7.2.5 Installment Payment Plan

A7.3 Retention
       A7.3.1 Encouragement of Student Retention
       A7.3.2 Services

B7.4 Special Record Registration
       B7.4.1 Time
       B7.4.2 Eligibility
       B7.4.3 Cost
       B7.4.4 AA/AAS Associate Degrees

B7.5 Admissions
      A7.5.1 Admissions and Registrar
      A7.5.1.1 Scholastic Records
      A7.5.1.2 Registration
      A7.5.1.3 Graduation
      A7.5.1.4 Agency Reports
      A7.5.1.5 Room Reservations

A7.6 Career Planning and Placement
       A7.6.1 Availability
       A7.6.2 Support Service
       A7.6.3 Opportunities
       A7.6.4 Follow-up Studies

A7.7 Student Activities
       A7.7.1 Services
       A7.7.2 Student Services Committee

A7.8 Services for Students with Disabilities
      A7.8.1 Mission
A7.8.2 Services Provided
A7.8.3 Requesting Accomodations Based on Disability
      A7.8.4 Resolving Faculty Concerns Regarding Recommended Accomodations
      A7.8.5 Student Appeal of Denial of Accomodation Request
      A7.8.6 Documentation Supporting Student Accomodation Requests
      A7.8.7 General Campus Access
      A7.8.8 Prohibition of Disability Discrimination

A7.9 Out-of-town Travel

A7.10 Student Publications

A7.11 Intramural Sports

B7.12 Student Complaint Policy
       A7.12.2Non-Academic Complaint
       A7.12.3General Academic (Non-Grade) Complaint
       A7.12.4Grade Appeals

B7.13 Standards of Student Conduct Policy
       B7.13.1 Student Rights
       B7.13.2 Student Obligations and Responsibilities
       B7.13.3 Non-Scholastic Student Misconduct
       B7.13.4 Non-Scholastic Misconduct Disciplinary Actions
       A7.13.5 Non-Scholastic, Student Misconduct Review Procedure
       A7.13.6 Hearing Procedure for Student Disciplinary Actions Involving Non-Scholastic Misconduct
       B7.13.7 Student Scholastic Dishonesty
       A7.13.8 Student Scholastic Dishonesty Disciplinary Actions
       B7.13.9 Student Scholastic Dishonesty Review Procedure
       A7.13.10 Hearing Procedure for Student Disciplinary Actions Involving Scholastic Dishonesty       

B7.14 Graduate Guarantee for Job Competency
       A7.14.1 Date of Degree
       A7.14.2 Degree Requirements
       A7.14.3 Employment
       A7.14.4 Date of Employment
       A7.14.5 Additional Skills Training
       A7.14.6 Educational Plan for Retraining
       A7.14.7 Limitation on Enrollment
       A7.14.8 Retraining Time Limit
       A7.14.9 Course Related Expenses
       B7.14.10 Guarantee Limitation
       B7.14.11 Limit on Claim for Remedy

A7.15  The Procedures for Courses Requiring Reading, English, and Mathematics Assessment Levels (REMs)
       A7.15.1 Areas Listed
       A7.15.2 Noted Assessment Levels
       A7.15.3 Transfer Courses Assessment Level
       A7.15.4 REM Levels Not Required
       A7.15.5 Special Approval

A7.16 Student Withdrawal for Military Service

A7.17 Del Mar College Developmental Education Plan
       A7.17.1 Exemptions
       A7.17.2 Assessment
       A7.17.3 Advisement
       A7.17.4 Determination of College Readiness
       A7.17.5 Retesting
       A7.17.6 Evaluation

A7.18 Limit on Dropped Courses
       A7.18.1 Applicability of Limit on Dropped Courses
       A7.18.2 Definitions Applicable for this Policy
       A7.18.3 Procedures for Limit on Dropped Courses

B7.19 Discrimination and Harrassment Compliant Policy for Students

A7.20 Confidentiality and Freedom from Reprisal or Retaliation

A7.21 Definitions
       A7.21.1 Discrimination on the Basis of Protected Characteristic(s)
       A7.21.2 Harassment on the Basis of Protected Characteristic(s)
       A7.21.3 Sexual Harassment
       A7.21.4 Complainant
       A7.21.5 Respondent

A7.22 Informal Consultation and Counseling

A7.23 Reporting a Student Formal Complaint

A7.24 Complaint Review Procedure

A7.25 Extension of Time Limits

A7.26 Filing Externally

A7.27 Appeals

A7.28 Timely Notice of Appeal

A7.29 Other Policies Not Applicable

A7.30 Academic Freedom/Free Speech

B7.31 Student Research/Publication

B7.32 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
       B7.32.1 Purpose
       B7.32.2 Rights