B6.1 Faculty
    B6.1.1 Ranked Faculty
    B6.1.2 Unranked Faculty

B6.2 Academic Freedom and Propriety
    B6.2.1 Freedom
    B6.2.2 Professional Propriety

B6.3 Fundamental Responsibilities of Ranked and Unranked Faculty
    B6.3.1 Professional Practice
    B6.3.2 Educational Growth
    B6.3.3 Institutional and Community Service   

B6.4 Standards
    B6.4.1 Methods
    B6.4.2 Emphasis
    B6.4.3 Text Selection   

B6.5 Evaluation of Faculty
    B6.5.1 Purposes of Evaluation
    B6.5.2 Criteria for Evaluation
    B6.5.3 Requirements for Evaluation
    B6.5.4 Tools for Evaluation
    B6.5.5 Process of Evaluation
    B6.5.6 Process for Review of Evaluations by Next Level Supervisor
    B6.5.7 Faculty Appeal and Grievance of Evaluation Process

    B6.5.8 Changes to Evaluation Policy and Forms

B6.6 Faculty Promotion in Rank
    B6.6.1 Promotion Eligibility
    A6.6.2 Requirements for Promotion
    A6.6.3 Exceptions and Leaves of Absence    
    A6.6.4 Promotion and Tenure
    A6.6.5 Promotion Schedule    
    A6.6.6 Promotion Recommendation
    A6.6.7 Process Deadlines    
    A6.6.8 Review by the Provost/Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
    A6.6.9 Promotion Appeals    
    A6.6.10 The Promotion Appeals Committee
    A6.6.11 Notification    
    A6.6.12 Initial Duties of the Chair of the Promotion Appeals Committee
    A6.6.13 Promotion File    
    A6.6.14 Appeal Document
    A6.6.15 Response Document
    A6.6.16 Request for Oral Argument    
    A6.6.17 Request for Open Meeting
    A6.6.18 Committee Recommendation    
    A6.6.19 Inapplicability of the Grievance/Appeals Policy
    A6.6.20 Presidential Decision and Notification    
    A6.6.21 Definitions
    A6.6.22 Policy and Procedure Changes    

B6.7 Tenure
    B6.7.1 Application
    B6.7.2 Probation
    B6.7.3 Non-reappointment of Tenure Track Probationary Faculty
    B6.7.4 Requirements for Obtaining Tenure
    B6.7.5 Procedures for Granting of Tenure
    B6.7.6 Recommendation for Tenure
    B6.7.7 Notification of Granting of Tenure
    B6.7.8 Appeal

B6.8 Reduction-in-Force Basic Assumptions
    B6.8.1 Alternatives to Reduction
    B6.8.2 Prior to Implementation
    B6.8.3 Definitions
    B6.8.4 Termination Priority Order
    B6.8.5 Tenure-Track Faculty
    B6.8.6 Termination Procedures
    B6.8.7 Notification of Appointment Status
    B6.8.8 Procedure for Termination of Non-Tenured Faculty
    B6.8.9 Procedure for Termination of Tenured Faculty
    B6.8.10 Additional Considerations

B6.9 Procedure for Dismissal for Cause of Faculty
    B6.9.1 Definitions
    B6.9.2 Burden of Proof
    B6.9.3 Termination Benefits
    B6.9.4 Resignation
    B6.9.5 Process

B6.10 Temporary Change of Assignment
    B6.10.1 Possible Action
    B6.10.2 Decision
    B6.10.3 Conference
    B6.10.4 Appeal
    B6.10.5 Time Limit

B6.11 Instructional Program Review
    B6.11.1 Definition
    B6.11.2 Time Line
    B6.11.3 Appeal
    B6.11.4 Review Committee
    A6.11.5 Performance Criteria in the Assessment of Quality of Instructional Programs
    A6.11.6 Status Report by the Provost/Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
    A6.11.7 Oversight Responsibility

B6.12 Tenure-Track Faculty Salary Structure
    B6.12.1 Common Base
    B6.12.2 Additional Components

B6.13 Term Salary Structure
    A6.13.1 Adjunct Faculty Teaching Salary Schedule
    A6.13.2Pay Scale for Substitute Teaching
    A6.13.3 Pay Scale for Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows
    A6.13.4 Pay Deductions for Absences

B6.14 Addition of New Programs
    B6.14.1 Qualification
    B6.14.2 Benefit
    B6.14.3 Enrollment
    B6.14.4 Costs
    B6.14.5 Final Authority

B6.15 Leaves of Absence
    B6.15.1 Reasons
    B6.15.2 Length/Renewal
    B6.15.3 Time

B6.16 Absence for Service/Development

B6.17 Faculty Sabbatical Leave
    A6.17.1 Value Statement
    A6.17.2 Eligibility
    A6.17.3 Purposes for Which Sabbatical Leave may be taken
    A6.17.4 Criteria
    A6.17.5 Length of Sabbatical
    A6.17.6 Sabbatical Leave Committee
    A6.17.7 Application Process
    A6.17.8 Cancellation of Leave
    A6.17.9 Appeal of Sabbatical Leave Recommendations
    A6.17.10 Post-Sabbatical Leave Service Requirements
    A6.17.11 Funding of Sabbatical Leave
    B6.17.12 Compensation and Benefits
    B6.17.13 Other Employment
    A6.17.14 Contracts

B6.18 Recruitment
    B6.18.2 Selection
    B6.18.3 Appointments
    A6.18.4 Orientation

B6.19 Summer Employment
    A6.19.1 Offerings
    A6.19.2 Rotational List
    A6.19.3 Offer of Employment
    A6.19.4 Penalty for Late Notification
    A6.19.5 Filling the Vacancy
    A6.19.6 New Faculty
    A6.19.7 Tentative Assignments
    A6.19.8 Variant Plans

B6.20 Faculty Personnel Records
    A6.20.1 Official Transcripts
    A6.20.2 Documentation

B6.21 Faculty Year

B6.22 Faculty Schedules    

B6.23 Office Hours    

A6.24 Syllabus    

B6.25 Discipline    

B6.26 Off-Campus Employment

B6.27 Research/Publication
    B6.27.1 Use of College Resources
    B6.27.2 Use of Personal Resources
    B6.27.3 Use of Outside Resources
    A6.27.4 Intellectual Property Policy
    A6.27.5 Definitions
    A6.27.6 Applicability
    A6.27.7 Provisions

B6.28 Library Mission and Services
    A6.28.1 Basic Purpose and Process
    A6.28.2 Priorities in Resource Orders
    A6.28.3 Gifts
    A6.28.4 Periodical Resources
    A6.28.5 Weeding of Library Collection
    A6.28.6 Cooperative Institutional Relationships

A6.29 Class Size

A6.30 Adjunct Faculty Assignment

A6.31 Grades
    A6.31.1 Measurement of Studentsí Work
    A6.31.2 Final Examinations
    A6.31.3 File Copies of Finals
    A6.31.4 Reporting Grades
    A6.31.5 Gradebooks
    A6.31.6 Interim Reports to Students
    A6.31.7Interim Grades
    A6.31.8Last Date of Attendance

B6.32 Elements of the College Academic Master Plan
    B6.32.1 Mission Statement
    B6.32.2 Annual Revision

B6.33 Legal Counsel

A6.34 Honors Program
    A6.34.1 The Honors Committee
    A6.34.2 Admission Criteria
    A6.34.3 The Director of the Honors Program
    A6.34.4 Frequency of Offerings
    A6.34.5 Retention in the Program

A6.35 Program of Spoken English Assessment and Assistance to Faculty Members
    A6.35.1 Compliance with Texas Education Code 51.917
    A6.35.2 Goals of the Program
    A6.35.3 Test Failure
    A6.35.4 Primary Language Determination
    A6.35.5 Cost

A6.36 Faculty Loads
    A6.36.1 Definition
    A6.36.2 Overloads
    A6.36.3 Underloads
    A6.36.4 Reassignments
    A6.36.5 Adjuncts
    A6.36.6 Other Teaching Assignments
    A6.36.7 Contact Hours
    A6.36.8 Exceptions
    A6.36.9 Summer

A6.37 Faculty/Course Evaluation by Students
    A6.37.1 Evaluation Packet
    A6.37.2 Procedure
    A6.37.3 Reports

B6.38 Faculty Reemployment After Retirement Program
    A6.38.1 State Policies
    A6.38.2 Qualifications for Participation
    A6.38.3 Duties of the Reemployed Retiree
    A6.38.4 Duration of Reemployment
    A6.38.5 Program Compensation and Benefits
    A6.38.6 Procedures for applying to the Program

B6.39 Tenured Faculty Disciplinary Action Appeal Process
    B6.39.1 Step One
    B6.39.2 Step Two
    B6.39.3 Step Three
    B6.39.4 Burden of Proof
    B6.39.5 Termination of Appeal Process
    B6.39.6 Suspension with Pay

    B6.39.7 Time