B5.1 Statement of Ethics for Faculty, Exempt and Nonexempt Staff
       B5.1.1 Protection of  Rights and Development
       B5.1.2 Acceptance of Responsibilities

A5.2 Employee Classification
       A5.2.1 Faculty
       A5.2.2 Exempt Personnel
       A5.2.3 Nonexempt Personnel
       A5.2.4 Unclassified Personnel

B5.3 Employment Practices
      B5.3.1 The District's Compliance Coordinator
       B5.3.2 The District's Assistant Complaint Coordinator
       B5.3.3 Obligation of Notification

B5.4 Affirmative Action Policy
       B5.4.1 Commitment/Obligation
       B5.4.2 Goals
       B5.4.3 Responsibility
       B5.4.4 Practices
       B5.4.5 Application to Situations

B5.5 College Academic Fellowship Program
       A5.5.3 Selection Process
       A5.5.4 Advertising
       A5.5.5 Fellowship Employees
       A5.5.6 Condition of Employment
       A5.5.7 Salary Range
       A5.5.8Selection for Tenure-Track Positions

B5.6 Selection Procedures
       A5.6.1 Scope of Search
       A5.6.2 Personnel Requisition/Position Justification
       A5.6.3 Advertisements
       A5.6.4 Applications
       A5.6.5 Selection Guidelines
       A5.6.6 Contracts/Records

B5.7 Restrictions/Relatives

A5.8 Qualification Testing

A5.9 Employment Physical Examination Policy
       A5.9.1 Requirements
       A5.9.2 Purpose
       A5.9.3 Labor Intensive Positions
       A5.9.4 Procedure

B5.10 Types of Employment Relationships Permitted
       B5.10.1 Continuing Contract
       B5.10.2 Renewing Term Contract
       B5.10.3 Expiring Term Contract
       B5.10.4 At-Will Employment

B5.11 Universal Conditions of Employment
       B5.11.1 Employment and Contractual Relationship
       B5.11.2 Assignment and Reassignment
       B5.11.3 Discharge Appeals
       B5.11.4 Discharge for Cause
       B5.11.5 Grounds for Discharge of At-Will Employees

B5.12 Discharge,  Nonrenewal, Termination, Release, or Discontinuance of Employment
       B5.12.1 Discharge of Tenured Faculty and Tenure Track Faculty
       B5.12.2 Discharge of Expiring Term Employees With Unexpired Contracts
       B5.12.3 Discharge of At-Will Employees

A5.13 Job Duties and Responsibilities
       A5.13.1 Instructional Faculty Schedules
       A5.13.2 Supervisors and Managers
       A5.13.3 Professional Development

A5.14 Attendance and Punctuality
       A5.14.1 Notification of Absence
       A5.14.2 Eligibility for Administrative Absence
       A5.14.3 On-Call Status
       A5.14.4 Recall Status
       A5.14.5 Reporting to Work

A5.15 Work Day and Work Week
       A5.15.1 Work Day
       A5.15.2 Work Week

B5.16 Authorization of Insurance and Annuity Products

B5.17 Group Medical and Hospitalization Insurance
       B5.17.1 Dependents
       A5.17.2 Enrollment
       A5.17.4 Discontinuance

B5.18 Health Maintenance Organization Option

B5.19 Term Life Insurance
       B5.19.1 Employee Supplemental Coverage
       A5.19.2 Optional Coverage
       A5.19.3 Dependent Coverage

B5.20 Long Term Disability/Income Replacement

B5.21 Other Optional Benefits
       B5.21.1 Other ERS Offered Optional Benefits
       B5.21.2 Other College Offered Optional Benefits

B5.22 Participation of Companies in Optional Retirement Program
       B5.22.1 Current Eligibility
       B5.22.2 Future Eligibility
       B5.22.3 Qualifications
       B5.22.4 Agreements
       B5.22.5 Rules/Regulations
       B5.22.6 Failure to Comply
       A5.22.7 List of Active and Inactive Vendors
       A5.22.8 Solicitation
       A5.22.9 Report to Participant

A5.23 Annual Report to the College

A5.24 Contributions to Carriers

B5.25 Retirement Provisions
       B5.25.1 Social Security
       B5.25.2 Teacher Retirement
       B5.25.3 Optional Retirement

B5.26 Tax Deferred Annuities or Custodial Account
       A5.26.1 Ownership of Each Contract or Custodial Account
       A5.26.2 Premiums Payable on the Annuity Contract
       A5.26.3 Purchasing Tax Deferred Annuity Contracts or Custodial Accounts
       A5.26.4 Wage Reduction Agreement

B5.27 Sick Leave
       B5.27.2 Accrual
       B5.27.3 Unused Sick Leave
       B5.27.4 Emergency Leave
       B5.27.5 Family And Medical Leave Act of 1993 Policy

B5.28 Personal Affairs Leave
       B5.28.1 Use of Personal Leave
       A5.28.2Notification of Personal Leave
       B5.28.3 Contingent Benefit
       B5.28.4 Reports

B5.29 Maternity/Paternity Leave
       B5.29.1 Requesting Maternity/Paternity Leave
       B5.29.2 Use of Sick Leave and Vacation Time
       B5.29.3 Reports

B5.30 Military Leave
       B5.30.1 Short-Term
       B5.30.2 Long-Term
       B5.30.3 Reports

B5.31 Jury Duty
       A5.31.1 Compensation
       A5.31.2 Accumulated Leave
       A5.31.3 Court Allowance
       A5.31.4 Proof of Service
       A5.31.5 Reports

B5.32 Vacation
       B5.32.1 Entitlement
       A5.32.2 Accrual
       A5.32.3 Unused Vacation
       A5.32.4 Reports
       A5.32.5 Scheduling
       A5.32.6 Holiday Pay

B5.33 Emeritus Status
       B5.33.1 Purpose
       B5.33.2 Eligibility
       B5.33.3 EmeritusTitles
       A5.33.4 Procedure
       A5.33.5 Perquisites

B5.34 Payroll Information
       A5.34.1 Paychecks
       B5.34.2 Withholding
       B5.34.3 Deductions/Reductions
       A5.34.4 Time and Attendance Payroll Reports

A5.35 Overtime Hours for Classified Personnel
       A5.35.1 Normal Work Week
       A5.35.2 Payment for Overtime

B5.36 Educational Benefits
       A5.36.1 Eligibility
       A5.36.2 Non-district Employees
       A5.36.3 Other Charges/Fees
       A5.36.4 Procedures
       A5.36.5 Work Schedule
       A5.36.6 Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes
       A5.36.7 Non-credit Courses

       B5.36.8 Educational Tuition Waiver for Displaced Full-time Employees

B5.37 Recognition for Service
       A5.37.1 Plaques
       A5.37.2 Service Awards
       A5.37.3 Certificates

B5.38 Safe Work Place
       A5.38.1 Safety Committee
       A5.38.2 OSHA
       A5.38.3 Compliance
       A5.38.4 Reports
       A5.38.5 Investigation
       A5.38.6 Use of Leave Time
       A5.38.7 Return to Work

B5.39 Smoke & Tobacco Free Environment
       B5.39.1 Purpose
       A5.39.2 Scope
       B5.39.3 Provisions
       B5.39.4 Responsibility

B5.40 Policy on Drugs and Alcohol
       B5.40.1 General Statement
       B5.40.2 Educational Objectives
       B5.40.3 Applicability and Scope
       B5.40.4 Drug and Alcohol Information Services
       B5.40.5 Prohibition of Anabolic Steroid or Human Growth Hormone
       B5.40.6 Prohibition (Drugs and/or Alcohol)
       B5.40.7 Condition of Employment
       B5.40.8 Notice
       A5.40.9 Drug Prevention Program

B5.41 Professional Working Environment
       B5.41.1 Professional Behavior
       B5.41.2 Definition
       B5.41.3 Academic Freedom/Free Speech

B5.42 (Vacant)

B5.43 Employee Grievance Policy Regarding Terms & Conditions of Employment
       B5.43.1 Purpose
       B5.43.2 Forms and Grievance Management
       B5.43.3 Time
       B5.43.4 Exceptions
       B5.43.5 Right to Representation

       B5.43.6 Steps in Grievance Procedure

B5.44 Grievance Policy for Employees
       A5.44 Grievance
       A5.44.1 Purpose
       A5.44.2 Exceptions
       A5.44.3 Definitions
       A5.44.4 Confidentiality
       A5.44.5 Reprisal
       A5.44.6 Forms
       A5.44.7 Grievance Prerequisites
       A5.44.8 Time Limits
       A5.44.9 Grievance Process
      A5.44.10 Conditions and Limitations

B5.45 Policy on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
       B5.45.1 Purpose
       B5.45.2 General Statement
       B5.45.3 Educational Objectives-Students
       B5.45.4 Educational Objectives-Employees
       B5.45.5 Applicability and Scope
       B5.45.6 Definitions
       B5.45.7 Confidentiality of Information
       B5.45.8 Nondiscrimination
       B5.45.9 Reasonable Accommodation
       A5.45.10 Administrative Procedures

B5.46 Employee Performance Appraisal (Non-Faculty)
       A5.46.1 Performance Appraisal Handbook
       A5.46.2 Discussion of Appraisal
       A5.46.3 Human Resources Office

B5.47 Resignations

B5.48 Salary Schedules for Non-faculty employees

A5.49 Progressive Discipline

B5.50 Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaint Policy for Employees
       A5.50.1 Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaints

B5.51 ADA Accommodation Policy for Employees and Job Applicants
A5.52 Who is Covered
A5.53 Procedures
A5.54 Service and Therapy Animals
A5.55 Prohibition of Disability Discrimination