B4.1 Budget Preparation
       B4.1.1 Fund Balance

B4.2 Checks - Authorized Signatures
       A4.2.1 Accounts Payable Procedures
        A4.2.2 Payroll Fund
        A4.2.3 Federal and Agency Funds

B4.3 Contracts - Authorized Signatures
       B4.3.1 Chair of the Board of Regents
       B4.3.2 Secretary of the Board
       B4.3.3 President of the College

B4.4 Contracts

B4.5 Agency Reports
       A4.5.1 Social Security
       A4.5.2 Worker’s Compensation
       A4.5.3 Unemployment Compensation
       A4.5.4 ORP/Tax Sheltered Annuity

B4.6 Investment
     B4.6.1 Investment Objectives
     B4.6.2 Cash Management
     B4.6.3 Investment Strategy
     B4.6.4 Scope
     B4.6.5 Standard of Care
     B4.6.6 Designation of Investment Officers
     B4.6.7 Term
     B4.6.8 Investment Procedures
     B4.6.9 Disclosure of Personal Business
     B4.6.10 Training
     B4.6.11 Limitation of Liability
     B4.6.12 Authorized Investments
     B4.6.13 Unauthorized Investments
     B4.6.14 Competitive Bidding
     B4.6.15 Delivery versus Payment
     B4.6.16 Diversification
     B4.6.17 Collateral and Safekeeping
     B4.6.18 Broker/Dealers
     B4.6.19 Internal Management Reports
     B4.6.20 Pricing
     B4.6.21 Benchmark
     B4.6.22 Distribution of Interest
     B4.6.23 Internal Controls
     B4.6.24 Cash Flow Analysis
     B4.6.25 Investment Policy Adoption

B4.7 Membership Dues

B4.8 Customer Supplies

B4.9 Authorization of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board in Master Planning and Development
       A4.9.1 HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Guidelines
       A4.9.2 HUB Vendor

B4.10 College Master Development Plan
       B4.10.1 Goals and Objectives
       B4.10.2 Planning Assumptions
       B4.10.3Currently Vacant
       B4.10.4 Urban Context
       B4.10.5 General Land Use Policies and Plan
       B4.10.6 Transit Service
       B4.10.7 Site Development and Site Design Policies
       B4.10.8 Site Development Plan
       B4.10.9 Site Development Details
       B4.10.10 Development Guidelines and Standards
       B4.10.11 College Management Strategies
       B4.10.12 Project Programming

B4.11 Acquisition of Real Property and Disposition of Improvements
       B4.11.1 Boundaries
       A4.11.2 Appraisers
       A4.11.3 Negotiations
       B4.11.4 Purchases
       B4.11.5 Costs
       B4.11.6 Improvements
       B4.11.7 Surplus

A4.12 Property Donated
       A4.12.1 Prior Written Approval
       A4.12.2 Recommendation
       A4.12.3 Responsibility
       A4.12.4 Disposal
       A4.12.5 College Policies

A4.13 Property Loaned
       A4.13.1 Prior Written Approval
       A4.13.2 Recommendation
       A4.13.3 Responsibility
       A4.13.4 Inventory Records
       A4.13.5 Insurance Cost
       A4.13.6 Non-Applicability

A4.14 Disposal of Surplus Property
       A4.14.1 Sealed-Bid Sale
       A4.14.2 Defaulted First Bid
       A4.14.3 Method of Payment
       A4.14.4 Public Auction
       A4.14.5 Donation

A4.15 Disposition of Abandoned andUnclaimed Personal Property
       A4.15.1 Notification
       A4.15.2 Temporary Disposition
       A4.15.3 Public Notice
       A4.15.4 Final Disposition

B4.16 Acceptance of Student Loan Funds
       A4.16.1 Liability
       A4.16.2 Account
       A4.16.3 Report
       A4.16.4 Termination
       A4.16.5 Stipulations/Conditions

B4.17 Acceptance of Student Scholarship Funds
       A4.17.1 Administration of Funds
       A4.17.2 Named Funds

B4.18 Allocation of Income to Funds

B4.19 Delinquent Obligations
       B4.19.1 Collections
       B4.19.2 Grace Period
       B4.19.3 Litigation

B4.20 Write-offs and Defaults
       B4.20.1 Delinquent Loans
       B4.20.2 Defaulted National Defense/Direct Student Loan Notes

B4.21 Property/Equipment Security, Accountability, and Control
       A4.21.1 Overall Responsibility
       A4.21.2 Physical Security

B4.22 After-Hours Building Use
       A4.22.1 Open Hours
       A4.22.2 After Closing Time
       A4.22.3 Use for Special Events
       A4.22.4 Use on Weekends/Holidays

B4.23 Equipment/Facilities Responsibility
       A4.23.1 Removal from Designated Area
       A4.23.2 Personal Use
       A4.23.3 Report of Loss
       A4.23.4 Equipment Capitalization
       A4.23.5 Assets to be Inventoried


A4.25 Richardson Performance Hall
       A4.25.1 Scheduling for Internal (College) Events
       A4.25.2 Chargeback Fee for Cancellation
       A4.25.3 Written Requests
       A4.25.4 Fund Raising or Outreach Events
       A4.25.5 Unscheduled Requests

       A4.25.6 Use of Ticketing System

B4.26 Rental and Use of College Facilities
       A4.26.1 Employees Responsibility For Rentals
       A4.26.2 Rental Sessions
       A4.26.3 College Sponsorship
       B4.26.4 Designation of College Facilities as location for voting and placement of campaign signs

B4.27 Purchasing
       B4.27.1 Ethics
       B4.27.2 Local Vendor/Competitive Bids or Proposals or Responses to Requests for Qualifications
       B4.27.3 Best Value
       B4.27.4 Quality
       B4.27.5 Accounting
       B4.27.6 Grant Equipment/Non-Expendable Supplies
       B4.27.7 Hiring of Consulting/Coordinating Architect and Project Architects


B4.29 Open Records

B4.30 Parking/Tow-Away
       B4.30.1 Prohibited Areas
       B4.30.2 Removal of Cars
       B4.30.3 Expenses/Liability

B4.31 Land Lease

B4.32 Externally Funded Grants and Contracts
       B4.32.1 Control
       B4.32.2 Approval
       B4.32.3 Conflict
       B4.32.4 Salaries
       B4.32.5 Funds
       A4.32.6 Indirect Cost

B4.33 Bank Depository
       B4.33.1 Approval of the Bid Document
       B4.33.2 Depository Contract
       B4.33.3 Protection of College Deposits

B4.34 External Audit

A4.35 Routine Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Deferred Maintenance of Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment
       A4.35.1 Routine Maintenance
       A4.35.2 Preventive Maintenance
       A4.35.3 Deferred Maintenance
       A4.35.4 Provisions
       A4.35.5 Annual Review

B4.36 Tax Refunds
       B4.36.1 Authority to Refund Tax

A4.37 College Auxiliary Funds
       A4.37.1 Auxiliary Funds
       A4.37.2 Use of Auxiliary Funds