B3.1 Administrative Relationships

A3.2 College Relationships
       A3.2.1 News Service
       A3.2.2 Publications
       A3.2.3 Advertising

B3.3 Accessibility/Custodianship of Records
       B3.3.1 Privacy Act
       B3.3.2 Responsibility

A3.4 Print Services

A3.5 Telephone Voice Mail, and Facsimile Services

A3.6 Mail and PBX Services

B3.7 Naming of Building and Other Facilities
       B3.7.1 Monetary Gifts
       B3.7.2 Service to the College
       B3.7.3 Nominations for Naming Candidates

B3.8 Operation of Vehicles/Equipment on College Business
       A3.8.1 Requirements
       A3.8.2 Considerations
       A3.8.3 Grounds for Termination

B3.9 Resident Classification
       A3.9.1 Minors
       A3.9.2 Adults
       A3.9.3 Exceptions

A3.10 Form Numbering System
       A3.10.1 New/Revised Form
       A3.10.2 Distribution

B3.11 Public Speech
       A3.11.1 Invited Speakers
       A3.11.2 Non-invited Speakers
       A3.11.3 Political Speech
       A3.11.4 Speech Limitations
       A3.11.5 Sanctions and Enforcement

B3.12 Disruptive Physical Activities
       B3.12.1 Sanctuary
       B3.12.2 Action

B3.13 Prohibition of Possession of Weapons on Del Mar College Property or at Del Mar College Events
       A3.13.1 Prohibition and Definitions

B3.14 Travel
       A3.14.1 Site Selection
       A3.14.2 Prepayments
       A3.14.3 Travel Expense Form
       A3.14.4 Agenda
       A3.14.5 Transportation
       A3.14.6 Hotel Accommodations
       A3.14.7 Meals and Incidentals
       A3.14.8 Long Distance Telephone Calls
       A3.14.9 Non-Reimbursable Expenses
       B3.14.10 Student Travel
       A3.14.11 International Travel
       A3.14.12 Reimbursement for On-Campus Job Interviews Requiring Travel

A3.15 On-Campus Parking

B3.16 Manual of Policies and Procedures

B3.17 College Publications

B3.18 Publication Requirements
       B3.18.1 Provisions and Information
       B3.18.2 Condensed Version

B3.19 Records Management Policy
       A3.19.1 Designation of Records Management Officer
       A3.19.2 Administration of the Records Management Program
       A3.19.3 Authority of the Records Management Officer

A3.20 Records Management Program
       A3.20.1 Definitions
       A3.20.2 College Records Declared Public Property
       A3.20.3 Records Management Committee
       A3.20.4 Development, Approval, and Authority of Records Management Plan
       A3.20.5 Duties of Records Management Officer
       A3.20.6 Duties and Responsibilities of Department Heads
       A3.20.7 Development, Approval, and Filing with the State the Records Control Schedules:
       A3.20.8 Implementation of Records Control Schedules
       A3.20.9 Destruction of Scheduled Records
       A3.20.10 Destruction of Unscheduled Records
       A3.20.11 Micrographics

B3.21 Tuition Policy

B3.22 Payment of Tuition and Fees by Installment Method
       B3.22.1 Methods of Payment
       B3.22.2 Payment Schedule for Installment Options
       B3.22.3 Non-Refundable Processing Fee and Late Charge

B3.23 Computer and Network Resources Use Policy
       A3.23.1 Legitimate Use
       A3.23.2 Ownership and Copyright
       A3.23.3 Responsibilities of the User
       A3.23.4 Purpose of Del Mar College World Wide Web Site
       A3.23.5 Violation and Consequences

B3.24 Indemnification Policy
       B3.24.1 Indemnification of Regents
       B3.24.2 Indemnification of Employees

B3.25 Isensee Board Room

B3.26 Substantive Change Notification
       B3.26.1 Definition
       B3.26.2 Procedure