Geology Questions – Do You Know the Answers?

DMC Geology classes will provide answers to the following questions:


  • What was the “Big Bang,” and how many galaxies are there ?
  • Do planets exist beyond our Solar System?
  • When did life first begin on planet Earth?
  • Considering all life forms ever on Earth, what percentage became extinct?
  • Why are there so many earthquakes and volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean?


  • Where do I find Texas dinosaur footprints nearest to Corpus Christi?
  • What geologic hazards exist in for South Texas and Corpus Christi?
  • Why does Texas have abundant sources of energy?
  • Why are there large deposits of salt and uranium minerals near the Texas coast?
  • What critical information should I know about water wells, rivers, and drinking water?

Corpus Christi

  • When did saber tooth cats and mammoths live in the Corpus Christi area?
  • Why did South Texas experience an earthquake in 1997?  How likely are we to experience more earthquakes here?
  • Where is the large Corpus Christi Clarkwood fault?
  • Is the Corpus Christi area likely to experience a tsunami?
  • Why is Padre Island offshore from Corpus Christi, and where are the local clay dunes located?
  • Why do the local bays have tides and different salinities?
  • Locally where can I find different minerals, rocks, and fossils?
  • How are gemstones modified before they are sold?