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Geology Majors
The Geology Program at Del Mar College (DMC), a part of the Department of Natural Sciences, offers an Associate of Science (AS) degree in Geology. The AS degree is accepted at colleges and universities, for those entering a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Geology.

The Geology Program also provides the introductory courses, “Physical Geology” and “Earth History (Historical Geology),” required for all baccalaureate degrees in Geology. These courses also provide a foundation for environmental science as well as for civil, mechanical, and petroleum engineering degrees.

Non-Geology Majors
Students pursuing degrees from any other disciplines often elect to take Geology to fulfill their science requirements. Geology provides an excellent choice for satisfying science requirements in most other DMC Associate of Arts (AA) and AS programs.

Course and Lab Work
Course and laboratory work introduce students to the study of the Earth's composition, structure, natural processes, and history, including the history of life as determined by the fossil record. 

Experienced professional geologists/educators conduct both classroom and field study, and emphasize geological processes and environmental concerns of South Texas.

Current geologic theories and investigations are examined using recent a variety of resources and media including scientific literature and designated websites. Students also learn valuable critical-thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.

We invite you to explore our website for information on our curriculum, faculty, local Geology, and other interesting sites.