Geology for Non-Majors
Why would a non-major take Geology classes at DMC?

Your Planet
We live on the planet Earth.  Look at all the recent stories in the news:  rising and falling oil prices; drilling on our beaches and offshore; tsunamis, earthquakes, global warming, flooding, drinking water, pollution; drilling in Alaska and wilderness areas; rip currents and storm surges; and  homes with cracking foundations. All involve Geology.

You will learn about ancient life and Earth’s history and astronomy. You will understand the processes that continually shape and modify the Earth’s surface through the hydrologic and tectonic cycles.  You will learn how to relate these processes to nearby planets and moons.

Your Home
You will discover how these various processes directly and indirectly affect our lives and our property.  There will be a special emphasis on the Corpus Christi and Texas areas.

Furthermore, you will learn about some of the most common local rocks and minerals (such as gypsum, petrified wood, and agates), local groundwater and rivers, local beaches and bays and tides, area caves, nearest volcanoes, canyons and mountains, local soils for farming and construction, petroleum resources, and how various environmental laws apply to you.

Your Education
Geology classes are part of the Del Mar core curriculum and meet the natural science requirements in more than 65 programs offered at Del Mar College.

Your Career
Geology is an important class especially for future school teachers, surveyors, real estate agents, travel agents, criminal justice students, legal system students, business majors and investors, bankers, engineers, artists, environmentalists, and many others.

Overall, you will gain a deeper understanding of the role Geology plays in your life.