Geology for Majors
Why would I want to become a Geology major? Because Geology rocks!

Geology is the science of our home planet. Geology focuses on the Earth’s physical and chemical makeup, its history, and the processes that shape it.  Geologists also explore our solar system, as we use the knowledge of our planet to understand the other worlds we discover.

Environmental Science
Geology also encompasses most aspects of environmental science, including   pollution, global climate change, rising sea levels, beach erosion, and extinction.  A solid foundation in these areas allows Geology students to become better citizens of our planet.

Integrated Science
Geology is an integrated science that encompasses many other fields of science.  Geologists are multidisciplinary scientists who combine the use of computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, planetary Geology, and environmental science with the study of the Earth.

Geology is a discipline that is not confined to the walls of a classroom, office, or lab.  Geologists are presented with opportunities to work and study in exotic localities, mountains, plains, beaches, and even the deep sea floor. 

Furthermore, Geology can be a lucrative career with higher-than-average starting salaries.