All Del Mar College courses are identified with letter abbreviations followed by a set of numbers. Courses are alphabetized in this catalog according to their abbreviations; see the Index of Courses in the back of this Catalog to locate a specific subject. The numbers in parentheses after the course title indicates the number of lecture hours, lab hours and credits respectively. For example, CHEM 2401, Quantitative Analysis (2-6-4) meets for two lecture hours and six lab hours a week in a regular semester and awards four semester hours of credit.

      Four-Digit Numbers

Del Mar College has adopted the Texas Common Course Numbering System for most academic courses and the Workforce Education Course Numbering System for occupational and technical courses. These four-digit numbers were developed to simplify the process of transferring credits from Del Mar College to other Texas colleges and universities and to ensure the maximum credit possible for each transfer student. These numbers are approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

In the four-digit common course numbers the first digit usually indicates the level of the course: 0 - developmental, 1 - freshman and 2 - sophomore level. Some exceptions to this rule exist. (These courses will not count toward fulfilling the 18-hour sophomore requirement for graduation with an associate degree: MSCI 2371 and 2372) The second digit indicates the credit value in semester hours. The third and fourth digits are used to differentiate courses or as an indicator of course sequence.

      Assessment Levels

The Del Mar College faculty has established specific Assessment Levels for every college-level course. These levels refer to diagnosed abilities in the basic skills of reading, English and mathematics. They are listed as prerequisite Assessment Levels at the end of most course descriptions. Using Biology 2428 as an example, R3, E3, M2 means this course requires the student to have reading and English Assessment Levels of 3 (college level), while mathematics assessment may be at level 2 (intermediate developmental level). Level 1 denotes basic developmental level. If no R, E, or M is listed, the assessment level defaults to Level 1.

Students must meet the assessment levels shown for each course either by placement testing or by previous course work.

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