Department Of Natural Sciences


The Biology Program at Del Mar College offers a variety of courses that serve nonscience majors, science majors and health science majors.

Nonscience majors such as students majoring in education, liberal arts, fine arts or business may use nonscience majors biology courses to fulfill the natural science elective requirement for their degree.

Science majors biology courses provide an in-depth background needed to fulfill requirements leading to a baccalaureate degree in Biology. Majors biology courses also serve as introductory courses required for entry into pre-dental, pre-medical, pre-veterinary, pre-pharmacy, pre-chiropractic, pre-physical therapy, and other pre-professional health degree programs.

Health science biology courses provide a fundamental background required by health science majors seeking certification or degrees in a number of health science fields such as registered nursing, radiologic technology, dental hygiene and many others.