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Scholarship Audition Dates for Brass/Woodwinds/Percussion

Woodwind, Brass & Percussion
January 29th - Appointment
January 30th - Appointment
March 5th - Appointment

April 1st - Appointment
Call (361) 698-1211 to schedule a scholarship audition time.


BRASS and WOODWINDS:  Please prepare two etudes of contrasting style.  We will want to hear no more than 5-6 minutes TOTAL of music.  You should also be prepared to play your major scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats.

PERCUSSION:  Please be prepared to play at least 2 etudes from the following instrument choices:  snare drum, marimba, timpani.  You can choose which two instruments to audition on.  We will have the percussion instruments for you to play.

GUITAR: Contact Philip Hii at 361-698-1603 or for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

STRINGS: Contact Todd Ehle (violin/viola) at 361-698-1223 or or Susan Sturman (cello/bass) at 361-698-1612  for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

VOICE: Contact Cynthia Longoria at 361-698-1607 or; Raphael Rada at 361-698-1606 or ; Dr. Greg Graf at 361-698-1352 or for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

PIANO: Contact David Sutanto at 361-698-1614 or or Shao-Shan Chen at 361-698-1611 or for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

SOUND RECORDING TECHNOLOGY: Contact Paul Bissell at 361-698-1618 or for more information.

Steps to complete the scholarship application process:

  1. Complete the scholarship application (online)
  2. Complete the Music Scholarship Application Form (submit online or print hard copy and mail)
  3. High school seniors only – Ask your high school guidance counselor to complete the Music Scholarship Counselor’s form.
  4. Call the Del Mar College Music Department at 361-698-1211 to set up an audition time. 

Mail scholarship applications to: 

Chairperson, Scholarship Committee
Department of Music
Del Mar College
101 Baldwin Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78404-3897