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Music Scholarship Audition Dates
March 30 - In conjunction with Discover Music at Del Mar College Day
April 7
Or by appointment

To schedule an audition time, or for more information,
call (361) 698-1211 or email


BRASS and WOODWINDS: Memorize Major Scales up to 4 sharps/flats. A prepared solo from the UIL Prescribed Music List (Grade 1 or 2) OR All-State etude.

PERCUSSION: Prepare at least 2 UIL (Grade 1 or 2) or All-State etudes from the following instrument choices: snare drum, marimba, timpani. You can choose which two instruments to audition on. We will have the percussion instruments for you to play. In addition, please prepare your major scales on marimba, memorized up to 4 sharps/flats.

GUITAR: Contact Philip Hii at 361-698-1603 or for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

STRINGS: Contact Todd Ehle (violin/viola) at 361-698-1223 or or Susan Sturman (cello/bass) at 361-698-1612 for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

VOICE: Contact Cynthia Longoria at 361-698-1607 or; Raphael Rada at 361-698-1606 or ; Dr. Greg Graf at 361-698-1352 or for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

PIANO: Contact David Sutanto at 361-698-1614 or or Shao-Shan Chen at 361-698-1611 or for information about appropriate repertoire, etc.

SOUND RECORDING TECHNOLOGY: Contact Paul Bissell at 361-698-1618 or for more information.

Del Mar College Music Scholarship Application

Steps to complete the scholarship application process:

  1. Complete the scholarship application (online)
  2. Complete the Music Scholarship Application Form (submit online or print hard copy and mail)
  3. High school seniors only – Ask your high school guidance counselor to complete the Music Scholarship Counselor’s form.
  4. Call the Del Mar College Music Department at 361-698-1211 to set up an audition time. 

Mail scholarship applications to: 

Chairperson, Scholarship Committee
Department of Music
Del Mar College
101 Baldwin Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78404-3897