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Live Sound

Live Sound covers a wide variety of topics relating to the principles of, design of, setup of, and control of a live concert sound system.

There are a lot of different issues when working with a live sound reinforcement system. Much of the isues are venue or performance based; others are repeatable night after night. The Live Sound class at DMC goes as far in as many directions as possible with emphasis on the fundamental issues and principles at work all the time. Great time and care is taken learning how the system operates as a large, electrical circuit (which is what it is) to make sure that the "hows" and "whys" are answered along the way. The class represents the highest art of decibel calculation and conversion to voltage and wattages, as well as handling the lowest art of load-in, load-out, stage management, and sweating.

A high point in program is running the main stage of the Dia De Los Muertos festival downtown. A 12 hour, non-stop stamina test. Back to back bands, dancing groups, mariacho, Indian prayer ceremonies and whatever else comes our way.