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The SRT program at Del Mar College has excellent facilities and equipment for both recording and live sound. The main three environments used by the students are:
the large Studio A
the cozy Studio B
and the well used Music Technology Lab

Via the built in MADI and Aviom networking, high quality recording and talkback communication can also take place in the wonderful Wolfe Recital Hall, as well as the new (and huge) Band Hall.


HARDWARE (MTL every station):

Apple Macintosh
FocusRite Scarlett Audio Interface
Behringer "Aviom" Personal Monitoring
M-Audio Radium 61 Keyboard

SOFTWARE (MTL every station) :

Logic Pro X
Pro Tools 11
Final Cut Pro X
Sibelius 7
Komplete 10
Reason 5


2 AEA R88 (stereo ribbon)
4 AEA R84
2 AKG 414 ULB II
2 AKG 414 XLS
1 AKG D112
2 AKG C41B
2 Audio Technica 4050
3 Audio Technica 825 (stereo)
2 Audio Technica AT801
1 Audix D1
1 Audix D6
2 Beyerdynamic M201
2 Cascade Fatheads (ribbons)
2 Crown PZM
2 Earthworks QTC40
2 Earthworks QTC30
2 Earthworks SR-77
1 Earthworks Piano Mic System
2 Neumann U87
2 Neumann KM184
3 Neumann TLM-103
1 Heil PR30
1 Heil PR22
1 Heil PR20
1 Mojave Audio M200 (tube)
1 Royer SF-12
1 Royer R-121 (ribbon)
1 Rode NTK (tube)
1 Rode NT4 (stereo)
4 Rode NT5 Omni + Cardioid capsules
5 Sennheiser 421
2 Sennheiser 441
1 Sennheiser 609
3 Shure SM-81
3 Shure SM-57
3 Shure SM-58

(if you are reading this far down the page, check out the "OTHER" link in the NAV bar for some nice gear pictures)


Soild State Logic AWS 924 console
Soild State Logic Matrix2 console
Toft ATB 24 mixer
Mackie 32/8 channel mixer

Barefoot M27 Micromains (monitors)
Genelec 8040 (monitors)
Mackie HR824 (monitors)
JBL 4326 (monitors)
Aviom monitoring system (Studio A)

(2) Apogee Symphony
(3) RME Micstacy (remote recording)
Millenia HV-3D (4 channel)
Apogee Ensemble
Apogee Duet (remote recording)
Solid State Logic Alpha Link AX
Solid State Logic MADI Xtreme
MOTU 828
Digidesign Digi003 Rack
Universal Audio LA610
(2) Universal Audio 4-710
Universal Audio 2-610
Focusrite Octopre
DBX 386

Manley Massive Passive EQ
Lexicon MPX-1
Universal Audio 2- 1176
Universal Audio 1176LN ("Blackface")
Alesis MidiVerb - 4
Digitech Quadverb

Live Sound

Yamaha M3000a (VCA)
Allen and Heath GL4800
Soundcraft Expression 2 (Digital) Soundcraft GB-8
Allen and Heath GL324
Yamaha EMX3500-16 (powered mixer)

2 JBL MRX 525 Cabinets
2 JBL MRX 518S Subs
2 JBL EON 15G2
4 Crown LXS 402
2 Crown LXS 802
1 Crown LXS 5000
DBX Driverack PA
DBX 1066 (compressor gate)
Alesis MidiVerb - 4
Digitech Quadverb

jack TS