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MIDI is starting in the box and moving out...

In the three Audio Engineering courses, the basic design is to capture the sound of an acoustic source (voice, instrument, etc) for later mixing, manipulation and playback. The MIDI I class is opposite; sounds are created and manipulated solely "inside the box". The course begins with basic sequencing in a DAW and getting used to the track layout, timeline, regions, track and region parameters, plug-ins, etc. While the DAW used does music notation quite well, we explore this aspect in detail via a separate, dedicated program. While most DAWs operate much the same, the program Reason has a somewhat unique interface and thus we take a look at it and its abilities as well. Subtractive synthesis is taught with a close eye on common modulators such as LFOs and Envelopes with an interest in the aspects they can change. In addition, we learn about the history of electronic music and those individuals that contributed to the body of knowledge we study today.

Students must have a solid understanding of the musical keyboard (piano), note reading, and chord progressions to make it in the class. This is because students will be creating their own songs and projects based on sheet music.