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Dr. Paul Bissell

Paul Bissell earned his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the  University of South Florida and both Masters and Doctoral degrees from  the University of Texas at Austin. He played guitar and piano through  high school before finding percussion which was the main thrust of  both his first and second college degrees. During his years in school,  he also began composing works for soloists and ensembles and this  interest culminated in his DMA in Composition award in 2001.

At the age of 26, Dr. Bissell began teaching percussion and music  technology at Louisiana Tech University. In 1997, he came to Del Mar  College where his responsibilities were similar. Now Professor, Bissell is in charge of the Sound Recording Technology  program at Del Mar. His percussion and technology related articles can  be found in issues of Sound on Sound, Drumhead, and Percussive Notes  among others. Dr. Bissell teaches all the music technology core  components of the degree and is author of the Audio Engineering I text  book.

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