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The following course syllabi have been approved by the Del Mar College Mathematics Department Curriculum Committee and are available for use on the Internet.

Students should be advised that any homework assignments indicated on these syllabi are only departmental suggestions and that individual faculty have the freedom to add extra problems or sections should they find it useful. These syllabi do not represent a contract to the student regarding assigned homework.

Math 0370 Arithmetic and Geometry

Math 0371 Elementary Algebra

Math 0373 Extended Intermediate Algebra    

Math 1314 College Algebra

Math 1314 Engineering Cohort

Math 1316 Plane Trigonometry

Math 1316 Trigonometry Engineering Cohort

Math 1324 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences I

Math 1325 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences II

Math 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I

Math 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods

Math 1350 Fundamentals of Mathematics I

Math 1351 Fundamentals of Mathematics II

Math 2305 Discrete Mathematics

Math 2312 Pre-calculus Math

Math 2318 Linear Algebra

Math 2320 Differential Equations

Math 2342 Statistical Methods and Probability

Math 2413 Calculus I

Math 2414 Calculus II 

Math 2415 Calculus III

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