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CourseCompass (MyMathLab)

The following course codes are for those that would like to use Course Compass and have a MyMathLab Access code/kit. These course codes are for practice only! The advantage of using course compass is that it has the following online: lecture videos, animations, and the hyperlinked-textbook, along with many other help features. In addition, students can work practice problems and take practice tests online. While working these problems, you will have access to several help menus: "Help me solve it" , "View an Example" , video clips, animations, etc. . The "Help me solve it" walks you through the problem asking you questions along the way until you get to the final answer. "View an Example" works out a similar problem without asking you any questions. Course Compass will keep track of your progress.

To get started go to

  • Math Department Course Codes

           Math 0370: hovey19729

              Math 0371  hovey42549

              Math 0373: hovey42549

              Math 1314: hovey40646

              Math 1316: hovey83257

              Math 1324: baker34239

              Math 1325: baker34239

              MATH 2413, 2414, & 2415 hovey50782




Useful Links


Click on the links to watch the videos

  • Explore CourseCompass Use the tools available on the main CourseCompass page, which is the starting point for all your courses. You also learn about the basic parts of most CourseCompass courses.


  • Register & enroll using an access code Register for CourseCompass when you have an access code, which is included in the access kit that comes with your new textbook.
    Note: If you did not buy a new textbook, you may be able to purchase a separate access code kit from your bookstore. If not, contact your instructor.



  • Enroll in another course Sign up for another semester of a course that uses the same book, change sections within a course, retake a course, or take a new course when you already have a login name and password.
    Note: Additional tours are available for some MyLab courses. To find out whether your MyLab course has more tours, go to Pearson MyLabs, click the name of your MyLab, and check the website.
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