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Welcome to the Math Learning Center



The Math Learning Center is free to all Del Mar College students on a walk-in basis. We are located in Coles Building room 117. Our mission is to help Del Mar College students better prepare, improve their knowledge, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in numerous mathematics classes.

The MLC's tutors will assist you in becoming a more confident, effective, and independent learner by enabling and encouraging you to do your own work through a collaborative and interactive process. They help you to develop your knowledge and skills in a variety of math courses such as, Basic Mathematics, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistics, and Physics.


Contact Us

Have a question about how Math Learning Center can help you?

East campus:     (361) 698 -1579

West Campus:   (361) 698 - 1860



Name Email Position Phone
Eric Moller Associate Professor (361) 698-2258


Name Email Position Phone
Pamela Cordova FT Temp. Asst. Instructor (361) 698-1579
Bethany Goralczyk Assistant Instructor (361) 698-1579
Moriah Hovey Assistant Instructor (361) 698-1579
David Longnecker Assistant Instructor (361) 698-1579
Christina Martinez Assistant Instructor (361) 698-1579
Ahmad Shafiee Assistant Instructor (361) 698-1361



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