1. All  students and DMC employees will be required to show their current Del Mar College ID card and must sign in to use facilities.  All students and adjunct instructors must have a current semester stamp on card.  Identification  cards may be obtained at the East Campus Library.  Contact Library, for specific hours of operation.
2. Proper workout attire required.

3. All weights must be returned to racks after use.  If Fitness Center is left in disarray, it will be closed for recreational use.

4.To avoid injury, use proper techniques for all lifting programs.  If you need assistance, contact the supervisor or Fitness Center attendant.

5. Use spotters for heavy lifting.

6.No participant under 16 years of age, other than currently enrolled Collegiate High School students, may access Fitness Center.  Collegiate students must present validated DMC ID card.  Collegiate guests must provide valid proof indicating they are 16 years of age or older.

7.  Items such as backpacks, purses, totes, etc are not allowed in Fitness Center, except during class time and with approval of instructor.

8. Participants should be aware of their personal limits.  It is the responsibility of each participant to seek doctor’s advice, prior to using any weight or workout equipment.

9. Fitness Center attendant is a part-time and/or student worker.  The attendant is not a medical doctor nor a trained professional.  Attendant may show you proper use of machine but does not have the ability to recommend or determine what your personal capabilities/limitations may be.

10. No smoking, eating or drinking in facilities.  No smoking in patio area.  Participants may drink in foyer area, however, eating/smoking must be done outdoors.  Dispose of all trash by using trash receptacles.  Water bottles (non-glass)are allowed in all areas.
11. All participants must have a clean towel to wipe down equipment, after usage.  If you do not have a towel, you may check one out from Gymnasium 115 with a validated DMC ID card.

12. Only non-marking athletic-type shoes are allowed.  No open-toed, flip-flops, sandals, high heels, wedge-type, loafers, etc may be worn.  All shoe laces must be tied, no loose hanging laces.  No exceptions.

13. To insure safety, additional rules may be enforced, as needed.

14. For a detailed list of rules for each facility, visit our website or review rules posted in various areas of Aquatic Center, Gymnasium or Kinesiology Complex.

15. Please refer to “General Regulations” for additional information.


Updated:  9/03/2014



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