1.  All students and DMC employees will be required to show their current Del Mar College ID card and must sign in to use facilities.  All students and adjunct instructors must have a current semester stamp on card.  Identification cards may be obtained at the East Campus Library.  Contact Library, for specific hours of operation.

2. Appropriate swimming attire must be worn.  No cut-offs or shorts will be allowed.

3. No jewelry, hair pins, gum or hard candy allowed in the pool.

4. Please bring shampoo, crème rinse, deodorant, etc in plastic containers.

5.  No scuba tanks or regulators are allowed in the pool, except during approved instructional class.

6. Only one person will be allowed on the diving board at a time.  Only one bounce or spring per approach will be allowed.

7. No diving from the deck of the pool, in less than 9 feet of water.

8. All persons shall walk carefully around the pool area as it can be slippery.   

9. All individuals must have the ability to enter and exit chairlift and/or pool on their own accord.

10.  The lifeguard and/or supervisor will remove any participant from the facility for non-compliance of regulations.  (See General Regulations regarding suspension)

11.Children below 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult 18 years or older (valid picture ID required for proof of adult’s age).

12. High diving board is off limits.  NO EXCEPTIONS.       

13. Non-potty trained children must have disposable diaper or diaper with water proof pants.  Due to safety guidelines, no exceptions will be made.

14. Participants who cannot swim and require a personal flotation device for support must have an adult (16 years of age or older) in the water with them at all times.

15. No smoking, eating or drinking in facilities.  No smoking in patio area.  Participants may drink in foyer area, however, eating/smoking must be done outdoors.  Dispose of all trash by using trash receptacles.  Water bottles (non-glass) are allowed in all areas.

16. Pool divider rope must be in place during recreational swim and during all water exercise classes.

17. Equipment is for instructional use.  Check with lifeguard, prior to usage, for permission to use specific equipment.

18. To insure safety, additional rules may be enforced, as needed.

19. For a detailed list of rules for each facility, visit our website or review rules posted in various areas of Aquatic Center, Gymnasium or Kinesiology Complex.

20. Please refer to “General Regulations” for additional information.

Updated:  9/03/2014



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