Yoga Journal Additional Requirements:



·          Your FIRST Journal entry was to be shared with someone...   Follow the suggested Yoga Journal format as you teach and perform your first outside Yoga practice.

Include the name(s) of the individuals with whom you taught and shared Yoga.


·         Your NINTH Journal entry is to select ONE condition from the Remedial Program  (pages 185 to 187); which has some application to YOU . Perform at least Part A or Part B for the remedial condition which you have chosen…


Begin Journal #9 with  Part A. Breathing Exercises with reflection; Part B. List your condition and all of the poses for that condition (part A or B);  and reflect on what you experienced/observed about the poses your performed; then conclude this journal entry with Part C. Relaxation along with reflection.


·         Your TENTH and FINAL  Journal entry:


 Paragraph #1: 


To reflect on what benefits you have gained through the various Yogic breathing methods covered in class:  Nasal breathing, 3 Part breathing, Ujjayi breathing and Alternate Nostril breathing.


Paragraph #2:


To reflect on how you may use Yoga in your daily life:

a)      Breathing

b)       Postures

c)        Relaxation


Paragraph #3:


Describe what you enjoyed about this course/instructor that you would not change ,

Explain what you would change or do differently to make this course more enjoyable for other Del Mar College students.