Standing Yoga Postures/Asanas

Sanskrit term

Common term

Postural cues


Mountain Pose

Cues from feet to head; Four Points, Rotate Knees Inward, Contract Quads, Tilt Pelvis, Lift Ribcage, Shoulders Back & Relaxed, Throat Relaxed, and Head & Neck in line with Spine

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana
Ooo-tee-tah  Awes-sta  Pah-dang-goo-sta-sa-na

Extended Side Leg Pose

Standing foot in hand pose ( Transition from Tree Pose) Focal Point, Hips & Shoulders facing front, Modify Extended Leg


Tree Pose

Focal point; hips forward, Pressure between leg and foot, Hips squeezed forward, Shoulder away from ears, Modify arm position

Utthita Trikonasana
Ooo-tee-tah Trick-o-nah-sa-na

Extended Triangle Pose

Right hand on floor; left hand towards ceiling, Hips and Shoulders facing front, Reach from Ribcage, Bend at Hips to reach for floor, Body positioned between two walls of glass…

Utthita Parsvakonasana
Ooo-tee-tah Pars-va-cone-na-sa-na

Extended Side Lateral
Angle Pose

Right hand on floor; left arm curved overhead with palm facing the floor, Hips & Shoulders facing front, Hand on block or floor/Elbow resting on bent knee (press downwards to rotate shoulders to front , Create a straight line from extended leg to arm overhead.

Virabhadrasana I
Veer-rub-ha-dra-sa-na One

Exhalted Warrior (I) Pose

Shoulders & Hips perpendicular, Back foot may pivot for trunk alignment, Forward knee no more than 90 degree angle, arms overhead

Virabhadrasana II
Veer-rub-ha-dra-sa-na Two

Proud Warrior (II) Pose

Hips parallel, Shoulders over hips, Gazing past arm / Bent leg no more than 90 degree angle

Ardha Chandrasana
Ard-duh Chawn-dra-sa-na

Half Moon Pose

Hips parallel, Transition from Utthita Parsvakonasana, Step halfway in, Place hand directly under armpit, lift leg no higher than hips, Arms extended in a straight line

Virabhadrasana III
Veer-rub-ha-dra-sa-na Three

Brave Warrior (III) Pose

Hips perpendicular; establish Warrior I first, Lean forward from hips, Push  with back foot to balance on front leg, Hips parallel to floor,  Supporting leg may be bent and elevated leg may be modified.


Nose to Knee Pose

Hips perpendicular; hands in reverse Namaste position, Position feet, Bend forward from hips/Eyes up, Go as far as you can before rounding back to take nose towards knee.

Prasarita Padottanasana
Pra-sah-ree-tah Pa-dough-ta-na-sa-na

Standing Straddle Forward Bend Pose

Chin to chest; top of head in direction of the floor; use block to support head or hands

Uttanasana I
Ooo-tah-na-sa-na One

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Tadasana, Hands on floor in front of feet

Uttanasana II
Ooo-tah-na-sa-na Two

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Tadasana, Hands on floor behind feet


Eagle Pose

Tadasana, Focul Point, Same arm on top as leg you are standing on, Shoulders Away from Ears/Elbow even with shoulders


Chair Pose

Feet placed about hip width, Weight on heels; toes lifted, Arms may be modified


Gate or Crossbar Pose

Kneeling pose; bent leg (thigh) is vertical,  Leaning towards extended leg, keep arm overhead completely straight, Strap may be used to modify, Supporting arm may rest above or below knee joint

Sitting Yoga Postures/Asanas


Sanskrit term

Common term

Postural cues



Child’s Pose

Buttocks resting on heels; knees outside hips; hands extended in line with shoulders or wrapped around feet


Hero’s Pose

Buttocks resting on heels; knees in line with hips


Staff or Stick Pose

“L” Position; toes pointed towards ceiling


Easy Pose/Tailor sit

Spine is straight and erect


Lotus Pose

Each foot is resting on the opposite thigh


Head of Cow Pose

Same arm on top as leg you are sitting on

Baddha Konasana
Bawd-dah Cone-nah-sa-na

Cobbler’s Pose

Soles of the feet are in contact with one another

Paripurna Navasana
Paw-ree-poor-nah Nah-vah-sa-na

Complete, full Boat Pose

Chest lifted; spine straight; balancing on buttocks; legs extended approximately 45 degree angle

Janu Sirsasana
John-new Sheer-shash-sha-na

Seated One leg hamstring stretch

Sole of the foot on the bent knee is placed against the inner thigh between the knee and the groin

Maricyasana I
Ma-ree-she-yash-sa-na One

Twist with forward bend

Same arm wrapped around bent knee reaching for opposite hand behind back; nose in direction of knee


Seated forward bend

Chin to chest; back is rounded; chest in direction of thighs

Upavista Konasana
Ooo-pah-vee-sta  Cone-nah-sa-na

Seated forward straddle bend

Spine straight; legs apart; toes pointed in direction of the ceiling

Supine & Prone Postures/Asanas


Sanskrit term

Common term

Postural cues

Supta Baddha Konasana

Soup-tah Bawd-dah Cone-na-sa-nah

Supine Cobbler’s Pose

Bolster may be used under lower back (horizontally)

Supta Virasana
Soup-tah Veer-rah-sa-na

Supine Hero’s Pose

Bolster may be used under entire spine (vertically)


Fish Pose

Counter pose for Shoulder stand; Weight supported on hands and elbows; chest open and head /neck relaxed backwards


Serpent Pose

Side lying pose, hips are stacked; bottom leg straight or slightly bent; toes of top foot/leg is pointed in direction of your ear

Supta Padangusthasana
Soup-tah Pah-dong-goo-stah-sa-na

Supine Foot in Hand Pose

Lying on your back; both hips and shoulders remain in contact with the floor; grounded leg is contracted; foot of side leg is being pulled in direction of the upper body

Cataranga Dandasana
Cha-tah-wrong-ga Dawn-da-sa-na

Four limb staff/stick Pose

Back of upper arms are parallel to floor; low push up

Adho Mukkha Svanasana
Ah-dough Moo-kah Sva-nah-sa-na

Downward facing Dog Pose

“A” Position; Hands in line with shoulders; hips pushed up high toward ceiling; shoulders dropped from ears, and heels pressed in direction of the floor

Urdhva Mukkha Svanasana
Urd-vah Moo-kah Sva-nah-sa-na

Upward facing Dog Pose

Hands directly under shoulders; hips and knees are off the floor; weight is on the top of the toes

Salabasana I
Sha-la-bosh-sha-na One

Locust Pose

Hands back by hips (palms facing the ceiling); head is lifted; shoulder blades pulled back and together; legs lifted away from floor and ankles squeezed together


Cobra Pose

Hands placed in front of chest on floor in front of shoulders; arms extended to point of comfort and hips remain in contact with the floor


Bow Pose

Right hand holds above right ankle; left hand holds above left ankle; head is lifted; shoulder blades pulled back and together; feet pulled away from buttocks