Country Western Social Dance (Beg. & Int.)
   Kine  1115/2115
                                                                                             Carolyn M. Mauck
Contact Information:                                                                                               Fall  2009

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The purpose of the Kinesiology, Health Studies and Recreation Department is to provide instruction which will develop knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes in health, fitness, lifetime sports and recreational activities.

Catalog description:
Beginning: Basic dance skills, positions, rhythms and steps.  A variety of social, ballroom and country western dance styles will be presented.   Assessment Levels: R1 E1 M1.

Intermediate: Continuation of beginning course.  Basic and complex dance skills.  Assessment Levels: R1 E1 M1.

Social Dance, by Harris, Pittman, Waller and Dark, published by Benjamin Cummings, 2002, 2nd Edition.


1.  Develop a proficiency in recreational dance skills.
2.  Differentiate dances according to the music.
3.  Demonstrate proper social dance etiquette.
4.  Defend the value of recreational dance as an art form and as a physical activity.
5.  Demonstrate the ability to lead and follow. 

Course Evaluation:

Unit Tests                                                  30%
Final Exam                                                 20%
Skills Demonstration                                 20%
Attendance/Participation                           20%
Social Dance Experiences                         10%


Students requiring special accommodations are encouraged to contact the Office of Special Services located in the Harvin Center - 188, phone 698-1298
Please turn off cell phones, pagers, or other instruments that might be disruptive during class. 
If this poses a hardship, please see the instructor individually.
Please hold in the utmost respect: ourselves, others, our space  and our facilities.
Attendance Policy:

The student is responsible for all material covered (including handouts) during any absence. The accumulation of four absences for any reason during the semester will be grounds for the instructor
to drop the student from the course.  This is the equivalent of missing two weeks of classes and constitutes an excess of absences, regardless of the grade maintained by the student up to that point in the course.

 If the student stops attending class, it is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from the course at the Registrar’s office located in the Harvin Center.  Failure to do so could result in the grade of an ”F” in the course on your transcript.

Students are responsible for the safety of all personal belongings. Dress appropriately for temperature and other weather conditions. Inform instructor prior to class if you are not feeling well, and never leave class without informing instructor.

Comfortable and appropriate attire for dancing.  Street shoes allowed in the Multi Purpose Room, which is our classroom located upstairs in the Aquatic Center (above the pool).  It is recommended to wear closed toed shoes to protect your feet and to simulate a real dancing scenario.  You may also dance in your socking feet.



The KHSR Department will provide use of their lockers and / or baskets to all students enrolled in an KHSR course.  The student is responsible for turning in their lock on the last day of class or you will not be allowed to take the final exam.  You may check out a towel with a validated I.D. card at the equipment room.  You may provide your own towel if you wish.


MW (1:00 pm)                       TT (11:00 am & 5:30 pm)

Aug 24th                                  Aug 25th                  First day of class
Sept  7th                                  -----------                    Labor Day Holiday
Oct 14th                                  Oct 15th                    Mid Semester
Nov 25th                                  Nov 24th                  Make up Skills Demonstrations
Nov 30th                                  Dec 1st                     Social Dance Experiences Reports Due
Dec 2nd                                    Dec 1st                    Last day of class /  Locks due

Final Exam (Pencil & Scantron 882 E form)    Location – To be announced

MW 1:00 pm                                                  TR 11:00 am
Mon., Dec 7th at 1:30 pm                  Thurs., December 3rd  at  10:45 am

TR 5:30 pm
Thurs., December 3rd at 5:30 pm.