Health Information Technology Program

Health Information Technology:  Associate in Applied Science Degree

This program provides the course work to meet the educational requirements for certification in health information technology and medical coding. The Health Information Technology program is a 60 credit hour Associate in Applied Science degree in which students receive extensive training in health information management in hospitals, clinics, government facilities, and other medical facilities.

Graduates are eligible to take the national registry examinations for certification as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) and a Certified Coding Associate (CCA) given by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Individuals with the RHIT and CCA credentials are in great demand in this area and surrounding areas due to the growing number of health care facilities.  Graduates of the program may be able to transfer some acquired credit hours to a baccalaureate degree curriculum.  The number of transferable credit hours can be maximized with appropriate faculty advisement prior to and during the student’s enrollment.

The Health Information Technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), 233 N. Michigan Ave, 21st Floor, Chicago, IL 60601-5800.

In addition to the standard College admission process, students planning to enter the Health Information Technology programs must submit the following by July 15:

  • attend an advising session with the program director
  • submit a completed application for admission by July 15th
  • submit all college transcripts showing evidence of completion of prerequisites
  • or current enrollment
  • have a minimum grade point average of 2.5
  • have completed HPRS 2001

Upon enrollment, the student must pass a background check and drug screen test at student's expense for security clearance and continued enrollment in the program.  Contact the Allied Health department for further information at (361) 698-2820.

Deadline to apply is July 15. Students will receive written notification of acceptance.

Del Mar College Coding Specialist Certificate Program

Del Mar College implemented its certificate program for Coding Specialist in the fall of 2004. The American Health Information Management Association, (AHIMA) created the entry-level coding credential using job analysis and state-of-the art test construction to increase the number of qualified new coders as demand for these professionals continue to grow.

The Certified Coding Associate (CCA) credential is designed to demonstrate your competency in the field, even if you do not have much job experience. Earning a CCA demonstrates a commitment to coding even though you are new to the profession of health information management. Obtaining the CCA Credential will also allow you to distinguish yourself from non-credentialed coders.

The 34- hour Coding Specialist certificate program mirrors the same types of courses offered in the associate degree for health information technology. The program is designed to prepare you for an understanding of medical concepts and terminology as well as to teach you how to accurately code medical diagnoses and procedures of patients treated in hospitals, physician offices, clinics and other healthcare providers. Coders analyze medical records and translate patient diagnostic and procedural information into coded form, which has a significant impact on health care provider reimbursements, compliance with state and federal regulations and clinical analysis of patient outcomes and research.

Graduates of the Coding Specialist Certificate are eligible to take certification examinations administered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and upon successfully passing the examinations, you obtain the credentials as a Coding Specialist Associate (CCA). Advanced certification in coding can be obtained by qualifying for the Certified Coding Specialist examination. Ask the program advisor for more information about advanced certification in coding.

All students pursuing the coding specialist certificate program must complete 128 hours of clinical practice experience. Those who work are encouraged to plan ahead before enrolling in the clinical practice courses.


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