Review the general information noted via hyperlinks in the main Online Tutorial page. Review this page by scrolling down through it to see what you'll be filling out. 

Respond to each item. To continue from one box to the next, DO NOT HIT ENTER; instead, just point and click in the next box. When finished, click on "Submit," and you'll see a brief message confirming your paper has been sent. You will automatically be taken back to the Writing Center's home page.

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What specifically is your assignment (your teacher's directions, expectations, criteria, etc.)? Be as precise as possible.
What is your thesis statement (note that it should be singular, i.e. one sentence)?

What are your major supporting statements (topic sentences) to support your thesis?
What do you feel are the strengths of your paper?
What do you feel are the weaknesses of your paper?
Do you have any specific questions about grammar, punctuation, MLA, writing, etc.)?
Paste your draft in the box below. To do so:
  1. Go to your word processor. Bring up your document and highlight all the text (or on menu click on "Edit" then "Select All")
  2. Point and right-click anywhere inside the highlighted area and select "copy" (or on menu click "Edit" then "Copy") 
  3. Come to this screen, right click in the blank area below until you see the blinking cursor, then select "paste" (or on menu click "Edit" then "Paste"
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