Converting an MS Works format (*.wps)

to an RTF format (*.rtf)

In Microsoft Works, files are named with a *.wps extension (document.wps, historydraft_1.wps, Smith_Essay_2.wps, etc.) MS Works documents cannot be read in a Microsoft Word  program. The MS Works file needs to be converted to an RTF format in order to be viewed. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Retrieve your file
  • go to the bar menu 
  • click on <File> 
  • click on <Save As> 
  • go to the <Save as type> prompt (toward the bottom left) and in the white dialogue box to its right, click on the downward-pointing selection arrow 
  • look for and highlight  "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)"
  • click on <Save> 
Your file will be saved for viewing in an MS Word format. Make sure the file extension indicates the "*.rtf" extension. It is that file which you would attach to an email. If you were going to create file attachments of my examples in the beginning paragraph above, they would look like the following file names: document.doc, historydraft_1.doc, Smith_Essay_2.doc, etc.

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