Creating Headers in MS Word 


Headers: donít create your headers by hand. Doing so makes headers show up in the middle of a page. Use your word processorís program. Hereís how you can create headers automatically in MS Word:

  1. click on <view>, then <header/footer>
  2. a dotted box will appear
  3. a control box underneath it with icons will also appear (in MS Works, the control box is between the ruler and the formatting bar above)
  4. in the dotted box, where youíll see a blinking cursor at the far left, hit your <tab key> 2 times
  5. that will automatically push your blinking cursor to the far right margin 
  6. type your last name
  7. hit the space bar just one time
  8. donít type in a number
  9. look for an icon (image) on the control box that looks like a piece of paper with the pound symbol (#) on it
  10. click on it
  11. thatís it: click on <close> to close the header control box
Need to leave 1st page header blank? If so, click here to see how!

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