Save Time! Create Hanging Indent for Citations in MS Word 


To create a citation with correctly indented second and subsequent lines, use your "Hanging Indent" feature of Microsoft Word (enable the function when you're ready to create your entries, and be sure to disable it when you finish). 

  • From the bar menu click on <Format> 
  • Click on <Paragraph> 
  • Look for the caption that says "Special
  • Click on the selection arrow and select "hanging
  • Now click on <OK> 
  • Now, you're ready to type your entries
  • From this point on, the  first line of your citation will automatically start at the left margin 
  • When your text "wraps around," your second and any subsequent lines will automatically be indented the required five spaces 
  • When you get to the end of an entry, just push <Enter> and your cursor will automatically drop down flush with the left margin to begin your next entry. 

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