Using AutoCorrect


Creating an AutoCorrect Entry:


1.     Select (highlight) the desired text.

2.    On keyboard, hit ALT+T, then A.

3.    The selected text appears in the With: box.

4.    Type your ‘code’ in the Replace: box.

a.    For plain text entries, enable the Plain Text box (plain text takes no more than 255 characters. If more than 255, enable the optional Formatted Text box).

b.    For formatted text entries (bullets, bold print, italics, font sizes, images, etc.), enable the Formatted Text box.

5.    Click Add.

6.    Click OK.


To edit an AutoCorrect Entry:


1.     Type the given code in your document.

2.    Edit the resulting AutoCorrect Entry.

3.    Highlight it.

4.    Hit ALT+T, then A.

5.    Use the Entry’s corresponding code in the With: box

6.    Click the Replace button.

7.    A message will appear that notes: “An AutoCorrect entry for *** already exists. Do you want to redefine it?”

8.    Click Yes.

9.    Click OK.



Deleting an AutoCorrect Entry:


1.     Hit ALT+T, then A.

2.    Enter the corresponding code in the With: box.

3.    The AutoCorrect entry will appear in the Replace: box.

4.    Click Delete.

5.    Click OK.



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