Creating Email Attachments


An email attachment is a file (sound file, image file, text file) that piggy-backs along with an email message. The attachment "rides" along with the email, not in the email. 

The basic pattern to follow in creating web based email attachments is the following:

  • Find the "Attachment" command and click on it.
  • Browse for the desired file and select it.
  • Attach it.
  • Look for a "done" command (if not done, it might say 'ok' or 'attach').
Your file attachment should have the exstension of the program that created it: "*doc" for an MS Word document, "*.wpd" for a Word Perfect document, or "*.txt" for a text-only file. If you see that the extension ends in "*.zip," try again.

But wait a minute: nothing can be that simple, yes?

In that case, I've provided step-by-step directions for creating attachments in Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, two popular email providers.

Just click on one of the following links to read the directions for your specific provider:


B A C K   T O   H A N D O U T S