Verb Particles

When you have a verb with a prepositional 'tag' attached, you have what is sometimes called  a 'verb particle'.  The term for both verb + particle is a verb phrasal. When you see a two-word verb, i.e. a verb phrasal, ask yourself what single, one-word verb could you use that has the same meaning, and in any case, would be more concise, plus remove the possibility of having a preposition at the end of a clause?

Examples of verb phrasals:

take out the trash pick out a dress call on a student work on a project
set up an email account look up at the sky pass away give up some time
study for ask for a raise talk about think about
bring up a child care for shrimp find out a reason look for an answer
look forward to a date make up a lie

In the following table, note the single verbs that replace those from above.

empty the trash select a dress choose a student complete a project
establish an email account view the sky die sacrifice some time
prepare request a raise discuss ponder
raise a child enjoy shrimp discover a reason seek an answer
anticipate a date concoct a lie


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