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Crisis Management Team

In it's commitment to providing a safe campus environment at Del Mar College a CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM (CMT) has been organized. The Team consists of representatives from the following offices:

Dean of Student Engagement and Retention
Vice President of Instruction
Director of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management
Director of Counseling
Director of Physical Facilities
Assistant to the President for College Relations
Chief Information Technology Officer
Student Government Association (East and West Campuses)

A crisis or critical incidences may occur within the college community at any time or any place on campus, and an effective and timely response is crucial to mitigate the effects of the incident. The CMT is to respond to the needs of the college community during and after the occurrence of a campus crisis situation.

In a crisis situation each student and College employee is ultimately responsible for his or her own personal safety. However, by working together to understand and practice appropriate safety procedures in times of critical incidences will enhance the College's ability to ensure as best as possible the safety of the College community.

The charge of the committee is as follows:

Committee Charge(s): The Committee serves as advisory group to the College President for recommending possible policy and procedures for a Collegewide implementation crisis management program. Specifically, the Committee will:

-Coordinate the College's response to a crisis situation affecting the College community.

-Identify the College's readiness to respond to a “crisis” on any of the college campuses.
-Identify existing crisis response resources, written or other media, available to the College community.

-Develop a short and long range campus plan to address varied emergencies responses at each campus.

-Identify the role of the college community (managers, faculty, health and safety, College Relations, Counseling, Physical Facilities, college employees, and students), in responding to a crisis on campus.

-Develop and implement a continuous crisis management training and awareness program for the College community.

-Periodically evaluate crisis management policies and procedures to discuss and update the Crisis Management Plan.