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Post Tenure Review Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Post Tenure Review

Committee Charge:

  1. Recommend a Post Tenure Review Policy that is current, rigorous, fair and credible.
  2. Use a multifaceted process that is broadly inclusive, i.e. peers, students, chairpersons, and administration.
  3. Have a post tenure review that assures the continued professional growth, continued effectiveness of our faculty once they are tenured, and in compliance with current legal requirements regarding post tenure review.
  4. Address other issues such as a process for improvement as warranted, and consequences of failing to improve should that occur.

Dr. Kirkland's Letter Requesting an Ad Hoc Committe on Post Tenure Review/October 8, 2007

Interim Report Ad Hoc Committee on Post Tenure Review/November 11, 2007

Post Tenure Review Policy Draft/January 25, 2008

Post Tenure Review Flow Chart

PTR Process Timeline

Post Tenure Review Concept Chart

Post Tenure Review FAQ's