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2013-2014 e-Learning Advisory Committee

Committee Charges:  An advisory committee of faculty and staff will advise the E-Learning Services Department on the following: (1) Establishment of long- and short-term programmatic and performance goals; (2) Expansion of instructional offerings; (3) Coordination of the distance learning programs with other college initiatives; (4) Partnerships with other colleges and organizations; (5) Faculty recruitment, orientation, and development; (6) Marketing strategies for promoting distance learning; (7) Utilization and evaluation of technology, technical support, and instruction support for distance learning programs; (8) Funding resources to support distance learning initiatives; and (9) Evaluation of the effectiveness of distance learning efforts.

Advisory Committee Members

Past Chairperson: Dr. Veronica Pantoja

Chairperson:  Yan Xu

Secretary:   Lisa Muilenburg


Arts and Sciences:
Ray Saenz (2015); Dr. Russell Long (2016); Dr. Veronica Pantoja (2016); and Kezia Ruiz (2016).
Business, Professional, and Technology Education:Dr. Phillip Davis (2014); Dr. Steven Winfield Smith (2014); Barbara Dufrain (2015); Karen Williams (2015); and Yan Xu (2016).

Librarian: Lisa Muilenburg (2016).

Ex-officio Member:  E-Learning Representative, Dr. Ann Thorn, E-Learning Representative, Juan Saldana, and Chief Information Technology Officer, August Alfonso.