Permanent Membership of the Developmental Education Council


Dr. Jonda Halcomb
Dean of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Jonda Halcomb
Dean of Business, Professional, Technical Education
Dr.Shannon Ydoyaga
Gilbert Becerra
Dean of Student Outreach and Enrollment Services
Patricia Domingez-Benavides
Dean of Student Engagement and Retention
Cheryl G. Sanders
Antonio David Chair: Mathematics and Physics
Antonio David
Dr. Patricia Walter

Chair: Communications, Languages, and Reading
Dr. Patricia Walter

Eric Moller Director: Math Learning Center
Eric Moller

Adult Education and Literacy (GED)

Dion Krupa

Chair: English and Philosophy

Dr. Matt Perry

Linda Eubank Director: Stone Writing Center
Linda Eubank

Dean Continuing Education

Dr. Leonard Rivera


Representative: Freshman Seminar

Christine Lamb

Representative: Arts and Sciences
Matthew Moore

NCBO: Math

Bethany Goralczyk

NADE Coordinator: Mathematics
Doug Harley

Dean of Business, Industrial, and Public Safety Education

Chuck McKinny

Representative: ESOL
Jennifer Oden

Director: Counseling, Disability and Retention Services

Dan Fischer

Chair: Developmental Education Council,

NADE Coordinator: Reading, Faculty Coordinator of Developmental Education and NCBO: Reading
Dr. Tammy Donaldson

Director: Student Success Center

Eva De La Garza

Coordinator: Reading Lab
Dr. Forrest McDowel


NCBO: English

Carrie Buttler


Gracie Martinez