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The national trend for support staff in the law firm is a person who has qualifications of both a paralegal and a legal secretary. This means the ideal employee will have a diverse knowledge of the legal profession plus the ability to draft and produce legal documents and to conduct legal research using a variety of computer programs.


The Legal Professions curriculum will involve a core curriculum for the first three semesters with students taking specialized courses for either the Paralegal program or Legal Secretary program beginning with the second semester. Graduates of either specialty will receive an Associate in Applied Science degree.


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Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the Legal Professions program will have valuable skills that are marketable across the country. Graduates may find employment locally in public and private legal services both in criminal and civil procedures. Local law firms also employ Legal Professions students on a part-time basis while the student is enrolled at Del Mar College

Degree Programs:

Associate in Applied Science: Legal Professions - Paralegal Studies

For printable copies of these degrees, please go to the Degree Information Sheets.


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