Chartered on March 4, 1962
Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, Texas

Brian Kindervater, president

Theo Curiel, vice president

Tommy Cantú, education officer

Bobby Curiel, secretary/treasurer

Ben McGee, warden

David Irving, advisor

Dr. Paul Bissell (Kappa Chi)

Paul Bowman (Kappa Chi)

Darrel Brown (Kappa Chi)

Todd Ehle (Kappa Chi)

Dr. Neil Flory (Kappa Chi)

Dr. Scott Hagarty (Kappa Chi)

Philip Hii (Kappa Chi)

David Irving (Gamma Theta, honorary Kappa Chi), advisor

William Lipman (Kappa Chi)

Dennis Richardson (Iota Pi)

David Sutanto (Kappa Chi)



Kappa Chi’s 50th birthday is coming up in March. A big celebration is in the works, and we want you to be a part of it. Watch this space to learn more about it. If you don’t receive a letter or an email by November, contact David Irving at or 361-698-1616.

Induction Photo

Kappa Chi inducted 11 men in a joint initiation with Nu Eta (University of Texas-San Antonio) and Gamma Phi (Texas State University) on Saturday, November 12. The new Sinfonians are (front row) Nick Miller, Jesse Atkinson, Benjamin Boyce III. (second row) Ryan Alvarado, Ruben Rodriguez, Ralph Perez, Craig Foster, Joe Wilmot, Samuel Hernandez. (back row) Daniel Garza, Josh Martinez.

Click here to read an article by recent Kappa Chi initiate
Joefrank Morrin on recruitment and the probationary process.



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Del Mar College
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October 13, 2006
David Irving